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Trial of 4 Gonabadi Dervishes Was Held in Kavar/Saleh Moradi widely welcomed by Dervishes



The accusative cases of 4 Gonabadi dervishes were investigated in Kavar Justice Department today on Monday, Ordibehesht 23 , 1392 ( May 13 , 2013 ) and more than a hundred Dervishes attended there to welcome Saleh Moradi.
According to Majzooban Noor, the court hearing for 4 Gonabadi dervishes, Mrs. Farzaneh Nouri and Messrs. Saleh Moradi Sarvestani, Behzad Nouri and Farzad Darvish residents of Shiraz charged with “disturbing public order”, presided over by Judge Kashkouli, was held in Kavar Justice Department this morning.
It is important to say that, this case had been handled in Shiraz’s Revolutionary Court last year but regarding the non-jurisdiction of the Shaheed Atlasi Court, the dossier was transferred to Kavar Justice Department.
Gonabadi dervish, Saleh Moradi who are in temporary detention for more than 20 months in Shiraz’s Adel Abad prison, was taken from prison into the court under tight security, by handcuffs and shackles(!). He was faced with wide welcomes by more than one hundred dervishes from Shiraz, Kavar, Sarvestan and…who had gathered in front of the court to express solidarity with this Gonabadi Dervish.
The four dervishes, in the presence of their attorneys, Mr. Nazari, Montazeri and parsa defended themselves against the charge of “disturbing public order” and explained that not only they are not resident of Kavar but also were not present there during the Kavar events in Shahrivar 1390 (September 2011).
In this court session, judge Kashkouli issued the bail warrant for Saleh Moradi’s freedom until the final ruling but this Gonabadi dervish rejected the Judge’s proposal and announced that: “For a crime that I have never done, I have confined in jail for more than 20 months and this bail should be issued from the beginning of my arrest but now I would leave the prison on recognizance (parole) only.”

It should be noted that there is another open case against these four Dervishes in Shiraz’s Revolutionary Court with charges of “Propaganda against the regime”, “acting against national security” and “Deviant group (Majzooban Noor) membership”. By considering that Saleh Moradi has been in detention more than the serving a period of time which would equate to his sentence, the Revolutionary Court has ordered the release on parole but the Court head refused to charge on parole so the issue of freedom has been adjourned to the next meeting and further reviews.
It is notable that, Saleh Moradi and one other jailed Dervish, Kasra Nouri had been protesting with a hunger strike against the illegal transfer of their Dervish lawyers to solitary confinement in Evin prison for 90 days and after transfer of seven Dervish lawyers to general ward 350, they ended their prolong-term hunger strike.