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Category: Proclamations

Declaration of 9 June 1995

  Declaration of  9 June 1995 His Excellency Haj Ali Tabandeh Mahboub Ali Shah In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate Hu 121 To my brethren in faith, the fuqara of the Ni‘matullahi Sultan Alishahi Order, may Allah grant them success: The points below, which are from the subtleties and implications of faqr […]

The Commands of Hazrat Hajj Sultan Mohammad Gonabadi Sultan Ali Shah

  Hu 121 The Commands of Hazrat Hajj Sultan Mohammad  Gonabadi Sultan Ali Shah Renewer of the Nimatullahi Order in Iran Sufism is the spiritual reality of Islam, even if it was not known as “Sufism” at the inception of Islam. Phenomenologically speaking, it proves to be the essence of Islam, which gives life to […]

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