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majzooban darbare ma

We said it many times and we say it again, the prime necessity and purpose of establishing Majzooban Noor website was to break the news boycott and persist on its activities against the unfair actions of law breakers who do not believe in justice and citizen’s rights whatsoever and caused a anxiety amongst the dervish community. It is order, justice and reminding of correct law enforcement that Nematollahi Gonabadi dervishes have been deprived of for years.
The school of Sufism doesn’t have a legal and independent identity as such, let alone a news base, a representative or a spokesperson. Majzooban Noor site is inspired from the desire to share spiritual teachings. In line with its humanitarian mission, it reflects Iran and world’s news, especially news related to Sufi community. Free of any political affiliation, this site has been formed and operated by a group of judicial lawyers and dervish rights activists. Therefore, it is completely independent and impartial in its news delivery and it’s not the point of view of this path’s elders. Therefore, all material published in this website is the sole responsibility of its management.
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