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A summary of the Faithful’s Attributes (of Salih’s Advice)

    In conclusion, in order that the attention of the reader may be increased, I shall write, as a summary of what has been written so far, the attributes and morals of a true believer – who is more rare than the “red sulphur” (Kibrit –i ahmar) – all of which are taken from the words of God, the Prophet, His Eminence Master of Masters (peace be upon them). In this case repetition is […]

Salih’s Advice

Hu121Salih’s AdvicePand-I SalihBy His HolinessHajj Shaykh Muhammad Hasan Salih ‘Ali ShahThe Qutbs of the Ni’matullahi Sultan ‘Ali Shahi Gunabadi Order Foreword by The Great Master, the Most Gracious, Hajj Sultan Husayn Tabandah, Rida ‘Ali ShahIn the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate.And He who befriends the RighteousPraise be to Allah, the One. And infinite greetings be upon the spirit of our Prophet, Muhammad Mustafa(may Allah bless him and his Descendants and grand them peace) […]