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Visual Reports of the 4th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of Dervish Vahid Banani

According to Majzooban Noor Website, the 4th anniversary of the martyrdom of Vahid Banani with the presence of a number of Gonabadi Ni’matullāhī dervishes and his honorable family at the grave of this martyr in city Sarvestan were splendidly held, here this afternoon.Vahid Banani was martyred by the gunshot of the security forces in the […]

Monthly Report – An Overview of the Human Rights Situation in Iran in March – April, 2015

  The Department of Statistics and Publications of the Human Rights Activists Association of Iran has published the following monthly report on the human rights situation in Iran during the period of March – April, 2015 (Persian calendar month of Farvardin, 1394). This report cannot perfectly and comprehensively reflect the details of human rights concerns […]

Three Gonabadi Dervishes Transferred to Exile Sites after Three Days of Illegal Detention in Department of Intelligence

  The three Gonabadi Dervishes sentenced to exile who had been arrested at the entrance of police station of city Kavar last week, after three days of illegal detention in the Department of Intelligence of Shiraz so-called No. 100 have been sent to their exile sites.Majzooban Noor goes on that Kazem Dehghan, Hamidreza Arayesh and […]

Exile for 4 Gonabadi Dervishes by Revolutionary Court of Shiraz

  The Revolutionary Court of Shiraz put the sentence into enforcement by introducing 4 dervishes to the place of their exiles.Majzooban Noor goes on that a few days ago when the 4 dervishes settling in Kavar referred to the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, they were introduced with the place of their exiles; so, their sentences […]

Reaction to the News of Execution of the Exile of 4 Gonabadi Dervishes in Cyberspace

  A number of active Gonabadi Dervishes in the virtual networks announced that they would decide to hold a ceremony to see off the four Gonabadi dervishes sentenced to exile in front of the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz.According to Majzooban Noor, these dervishes announced that the objective of this motion is “little sympathy” with Gonabadi […]

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