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With Trust and Faith in God We tolerate these Difficult Days. “The Wife of Salehedin Moradi Says”

  Family of the political prisoners entered the New Year while the tolerance of the government in imparting these prisoners to have the right of leave was very minuscule in comparison with the previous years. Only a handful of political prisoners, including Ahmad Zeidabadi, Behzad Arabgul, and Maryam Shafeipour came to leave. This is while […]

Attack On Banner of Condolences that Was Sent from Jailed Dervishes to Mr. Moradi

  A few nights ago some plainclothes attacked the alley where the late Mr. Khalil Moradi Sarvestani’s family is living and destroyed the banners of condolences that were affixed to the outside wall of the house which were sent from imprisoned Dervishes to the family of the deceased.According to a report by Majzooban Noor, some […]

Jailed Dervishes, Moradi and Daneshjou in Critical Condition; Loss of more than 10Kg Weight and Intensity of Diseases

  The health conditions of three ill Gonabadi Dervish hunger strikers, Hamid-Reza Moradi, Mostafa Daneshjou and Afshin Karampour in 14th day of their hunger strike, have reportedly deteriorated.According to Majzooban Noor, these Dervishes are in critical conditions due to extreme weakness which is the result of hunger and lose more than 10 Kgs weight during […]

Why Iranian Sufis Do Not Believe in Tehran’s ‘New Diplomacy’

  The ascension of Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani supposedly represented a “period of hope.” That may be true for Western negotiators hoping to spend more time in Geneva, but not for the Sufis and other religious minorities of Iran, whom the regime in Tehran continues to repress. Sufis, let us first observe, are not the […]

1 Day Grace Period to Pursue Medical Treatment Prevented Dervishes Lawyers From Strike

  Monday Aban 13, 1392 (Nov 4, 2013) imprisoned Gonabadi Dervishes lawyers who had intention to strike and refuse to go in the visiting room to protest the lack of adequate medical care for prisoners, after Mr. Momeni, the Evin Prison director’s promise of urgent investigation the matter went to the prison visiting room in […]

The Observatory for the protect of Human Rights Defenders: Arbitrary Detention and Judicial Harassment of Human Rights Defenders Continue

    Paris-Geneva, July 22, 2013-The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a joint programme of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), condemns the continuing  repression of human rights defenders in Iran.   According to information received on July 21, 2013, Branch 2 of the […]

Judicial-Security Authorities Put Ban on Transfer of Jailed Dervishes to Medical Centers

  Unlawful interference of Judge Salavati in the medical treatment of political prisoners and prisoners of conscience continues. In an new improper interference by judge Salavati in the medical treatment process of Jailed Gonabadi Dervishes, Farshid Yadollahi, Omid Behroozi, Afshin Karampour and Hamid Reza Moradi, were prevented from transfer to hospitals outside of prison. According to […]

Reporters Without Borders Condemns Heavy Prison Sentences Against Majzooban Noor bloggers

  Press freedom violations recounted in real time (from 1st January 2013) 16.07.2013-Total of 56 years in prison for seven netizens Reporters Without Borders roundly condemns the harsh sentences ranging from seven and a half to 10 years in prison that a Tehran revolutionary court passed on seven contributors to the Sufi website ( on 13 […]

Protest Gathering in Front of AdelAbad Prison/Transfer of Kasra Nouri to an Undisclosed Location

  This morning a number of Dervishes gathered in front of Shiraz’s AdelAbad prison in protest to not getting any information about situation of four imprisoned Gonabadi Dervishes. After this gathering, Gonabadi Dervish, Kasra Nouri who is currently being held in AdelAbad prison was taken to an undisclosed location by the AdelAbad prison guards.According to […]

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