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Shahabeddin Yahya Sohrevardi; the founder of the School of Illumination (Hikmat-al-Eshraq)

  July 30 marked the birth anniversary of Iranian philosopher Shahabeddin Sohrevardi. Shahabeddin Yahya Sohrevardi was born in 1155 in the town of Sohrevard in northwest of Iran and died in 1191 in Aleppo, Syria Shahabeddin Yahya Sohrevardi was born in 1155 in the town of Sohrevard in northwest of Iran and died in 1191 […]

Annemarie Schimmel

  Remembering the Life of Annemarie Schimmel (1922-2003)     I walk And the blood of my feet Transforms the stones into roses.  I walk And the tears of my eyes Water the desert shrubs,  Everyday the same sun,  scorching, merciless, white,  And at nightfall the wind, cutting my heart and my hope.  I walk […]

Hazrat Fatemeh (SA)

  The great lady, Hazart-e Fatemeh Zahra (S.A) was the dear daughter of the Prophet, Mohammad (S.W). Some Shiite scholars believed that she was born on 20th of Jamadi-ul-Sani, 5 th A.H. But the majority of Sonnah research scholars declared that her birth had happened 5 years before Be’sat (Prophet’s a postleship). By the God’s […]

In Memory of His Holiness Hajj Sheikh Mohammad Hassan “Saleh Ali Shah”

His Holiness Hajj Sheikh Mohammad Hassan Salih Ali Shah was born on the 8th Dhu’l-hajjah 1308 A.H.L. corresponding to the 24th Tir 1270 A.H.S. (1891 A.D.) in the village of Baydukht Gonabad, which was the birthplace and residence of his honorable father and grandfather, till the beginning of the year 1328 A.H. L. when his […]

Champion Pourya-ye Vali

  Pourya-ye Vali Pahlavan Mahmoud Khwarazmi more commonly known as Pourya-ye Vali (died 1322 CE) was an Iranian Sufi and champion. He is famous for his chivalrous behavior and his strength and is still a paradigm for Zurkhaneh athletes. The nickname of Qtaly known as Pahlavan Mahmoud al-Khwarizmi, has been attributed to Pourya-ye Vali in […]

Remembering Hazrat Shah Nematollah Wali on the Occasion of his Birthday and Death

  Sayyid Nūruddīn Kermānī Shāh Ne’matollāh was one of the most influential and prominent Persian Sufi Masters. He was born in Aleppo, Syria, in 1330 CE. He was a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. His father, Mīr ‘Abdullāh was a Sufi Master. He passed his spirituality on to his son, who later became a Sufi […]

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