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Kasra Nouri Released, Conviction Terminated

  Yesterday in the evening (October, 27, 2015), Kasra Nouri, an activist of Rights of Gonabadi dervishes, after four years in jail with termination of his conviction was released from the prison. According to Majzooban Noor, this Gonabadi dervish in his four-year term in prison, more than 100 days had gone on hunger strike in protest to the situation of other imprisoned dervishes. And also several times political and judicial deprivationswere applied on him, say, […]

Kasra Nouri’s Mother Interviews with International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

  Kasra Nouri’s mother, the jailed Gonabadi dervish, said to the International Campaign for Human Rights, that Kasra on Wednesday 7 Oct. 2015 by using “beat” was transferred to the Evin prison without any warrant or judicial notice. She also went on; “His lawyers and I yesterday went to the prosecutor’s office as well as to the Nezam prison in Shiraz but we did not receive any response from the respective authorities about the location […]

Kasra Nouri in Evin

  Website of Majzooban Noor stated that the officials of Nezam prison of Shiraz said to the other dervishes and his family who had been gathered in front of Adel Abad and Nezam prisons that the mentioned dervish, KasraNouri, has been transferred to Evin priosn in Tehran, while still not any contact from this inmate has been made to his family.

The Heads of Fars Province’s Prison Service Wrote Letter to the Public Prosecutor of Shiraz Call to Change the Prison Location of Kasra Nouri

  According to a report by Majzooban Noor, recently, the heads of Fars province’s prison service by holding meetings and writing a letter to the Public Prosecutor of Shiraz are calling to change the prison location of jailed Gonabadi Dervish, Kasra Nouri.According to the report, on last Tuesday, after Nezam Prison officials refused to deliver some clothes to Kasra Nouri which was brought by his family due to the having belt and formal trousers, prison […]

Prosecutors demanded the heaviest punishment for Dervishes, their repentance and stopping “Majzooban Noor” web activities

At the appeal hearing in four Gonabadi Dervishes’s case which was held on Thursday morning, 19 Shahrivar (September 10) in the city of Shiraz, the representative of the prosecution, demanded the maximum punishment for dervishes, wanted their repentance and stop “Majzooban Noor” web activities.According to Majzooban Noor, at the court hearing in the case of four dervishes, Mr. Saleheddin Moradi, Mr. Farzad Darviah, Mr.Behzad Nouri and Mrs. Farzaneh Nouri that was held in Branch 16 […]

Visual Report of Journey of Rights Activists of Dervishes to Shiraz

    Rights activists and lawyers who have been recently released from prison, over  the past week traveled to Shiraz and were highly welcomed by a number ofdervishes. In this multi-day trip, these dervishes visited the tombs of Sufi elders and Sheikhs of Gonabadi Ni’matullāhī  Order as well. In the following, they  also went over the grave of late Mr. Khalil Moradi Sarvestani, father of Hamidreza  Moradi Sarvestani, the rights activist of Gonabadi dervishes whose […]

Illegal order of judicial authorities to separate two imprisoned dervishes in Nezam prison of Shiraz

  Deputy Director of prisons of Fars province in a visit to Nezam prison ordered to separate Mr. Salehedin Moradi and Kasra Nouri, the two Gonabadi imprisoned dervishes, in this jail.Majzooban Noor adds that the deputy of prisons of Fars province said to these two dervishes, “the separation order of you two has been notified by the authorities”.It is pertinent to mention the separation order of these two dervishes who are both imprisoned with political […]

Salehedin Moradi Transferred to Nezam Prison

  Salehedin Moradi, one of the rights activists of Gonabadi Dervishes, has been moved from central prison of Shiraz to prison No. 2 so-called Nezam.This rights activist of Gonabadi dervishes whose mustache had recently been shaved illegally and mandatorily, then transferred to the ward 4 of prison of Adel Abad, once again has been sent to Nezam prison of Shiraz.Salehedin Moradi has been in temporary detention in the lockup of No. 100 and central prison […]

Animal-Rights Activists In Shiraz Protest Apparent Stray-Dog Killings

    By Hooman Askary April 18, 2015 A group of animal-rights activists protested on April 17 in the city of Shiraz, the capital of Iran’s Fars Province, against animal cruelty and abuse of stray dogs. The rare protest, in front of the building of the provincial department of environmental protection, was organized after a disturbing video emerged on social media showing four men giving stray dogs what appeared to be lethal injections. Some activists […]

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