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Why Iranian Sufis Do Not Believe in Tehran’s ‘New Diplomacy’

  The ascension of Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani supposedly represented a “period of hope.” That may be true for Western negotiators hoping to spend more time in Geneva, but not for the Sufis and other religious minorities of Iran, whom the regime in Tehran continues to repress. Sufis, let us first observe, are not the […]

The Observatory for the protect of Human Rights Defenders: Arbitrary Detention and Judicial Harassment of Human Rights Defenders Continue

    Paris-Geneva, July 22, 2013-The Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, a joint programme of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT), condemns the continuing  repression of human rights defenders in Iran.   According to information received on July 21, 2013, Branch 2 of the […]

Four Gonabadi Dervishes Final Defense in Shiraz Revolutionary Court

  Four Gonabadi Dervishes appeared in Shiraz’s Revolutionary Court in order to present their final defense with the presence of their attorneys.According to Majzooban Noor, today, 28 Ordibehesht 1392 (May 18, 2013) the last court hearing on the cases of 4 Gonabadi Dervishes, Mrs. Farzaneh Nouri and Messrs. Saleh Moradi Sarvestani, Behzad Nouri and Farzad […]

Trial of 4 Gonabadi Dervishes Was Held in Kavar/Saleh Moradi widely welcomed by Dervishes

  The accusative cases of 4 Gonabadi dervishes were investigated in Kavar Justice Department today on Monday, Ordibehesht 23 , 1392 ( May 13 , 2013 ) and more than a hundred Dervishes attended there to welcome Saleh Moradi.According to Majzooban Noor, the court hearing for 4 Gonabadi dervishes, Mrs. Farzaneh Nouri and Messrs. Saleh […]

Gonabadi Dervish, Mehran Rahbari Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison

  Gonabadi Dervish, Mehran Rahbari was sentenced to two years in prison by the Revolutionary Court in Tehran.According to Majzooban reporter, Branch 15 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court presided over by judge Salavati sentenced Mehran Rahbari to 2 years in prison on charges of “gathering and colluding against national security”, according to Article 610 of […]

Censorship intensifying in run-up to June presidential election

  Reporters Without Borders condemns the continuing harassment of news providers and yet another escalation in censorship. With just six weeks to go to a presidential election, the intelligence ministry has been summoning netizens and media editors to give them instructions on what they may and may not cover. At the same time, persecution of […]

The Unfair Condemnation of Kasra Nouri to Prevent Youth Gravitate Toward Being Dervish

  Kasra Nouri 22 years old and Dervish rights activist who is currently being held in Shiraz’s Adel Abad prison, was sentenced to four years and four months in prison by the lower court.Mrs. Sedigheh Khalili, a Gonabadi Dervish and close family member of him, told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that […]

Kasra Nouri Sentenced to Four Years and Four Months in Prison

  Kasra Nouri, Gonabadi Dervish and one of the collaborators of Majzooban Noor website, was sentenced to four years and four months in prison.According to Majzooban Noor, Kasra Nouri was sentenced last week at Branch 3 of Shiraz’s Revolutionary Court presided over by Judge Rashidi to four years and four months imprisonment on charges of […]

Dervishes Triumphantly Broke Their Fast /Transfer of Jailed Dervish Lawyers to Ward 350 of Evin

  The imprisoned Dervish lawyers after three months, were transferred back to Evin Prison’s General Ward 350 and their families could visit them this morning.According to Majzooban Noor, on the afternoon of Saturday 24 Farvardin 1392 (April 13, 2013), the seven imprisoned Dervish lawyers who were being held in solitary confinements for three months, transferred […]

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