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“No Legal Basis” for Charging Lawyer with Shaking Hands with Female Client

  Defense lawyer Mohammad Moghimi, who spent four days in detention for shaking hands with his female client, insists there are no legal grounds for the charge against him. “I hope they will stop pursuing this matter because the charge leveled against me does not have any legal basis. It’s laughable,” Moghimi told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. The lawyer was arrested on June 13 after meeting his client, cartoonist Atena Faraghdani, […]

Human rights lawyer succeeds in reducing licence suspension

  After months of protest, prominent Iranian human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has finally managed to reduce the suspension of her licence from three years to just nine months. Sotoudeh’s Facebook page reports that because nine months have elapsed since the order was issued, she will be applying for her licence at the Bar Association in the next few days. Nasrin Sotoudeh had been protesting in front of the Bar Association each day since last […]

One Woman Stands Against the Iranian Government

  a warm, sunny morning in early June, Nasrin Sotoudeh arrived at the offices of the Iranian Bar Association in central Tehran shortly after 9 a.m. The bespectacled, petite 52-year-old was wearing a blue manteau, beige pants, and red shoes. To comply with the compulsory hijab law, Sotoudeh had covered her short hair with her favorite white scarf. On the scarf is a verse from a poem by Iran’s prominent pre-revolutionary feminist poet Forough Farrokhzad: […]

Lawyer and Client Accused of “Illegitimate Relations” for a Handshake in Prison

  Update: Mohammad Moghimi was released from Rajaee Shahr Prison on bail of 20 million toman (approximately $60,000) on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 17, 2015. Mohammad Moghimi, a defense lawyer who was imprisoned for shaking the hand of his client, the imprisoned artist and civil activist Atena Faraghdani, during a prison visit, will be released on June 16 after his family posted bail, a source close to Mr. Moghimi’s family told the International Campaign […]

Mostafa Daneshjou Freed after Sentence Served

  A couple hours ago, Mostafa Daneshjou, the lawyer and rights activist of Gonabadi Dervishes, imprisoned for more than four years in jails of city Sari and Evin prison in Tehran, has been released. Majzooban Noor reports that his freedom has come into enforcement in the Shohada e Tajrish hospital, because he was hospitalized due to the lung disease and severe asthma. Mostafa Daneshjou in year 1390 ( 2011) was sent to the jail of […]

“Salehedin Moradi Refused bail due to the illegal arrest and alleged charges”, the lawyer of this rights activist says

  The lawyer of Salehedin Moradi who yesterday after the refusal to put up bail, pay bond, had been transferred to the prison of Adel Abad of Shiraz, announced that the reason that his client refused to put up bail was that he believed that the process of his arrest and alleged charges were all illegal. Majzooban Noor in a report went on this lawyer mentions that he has not received the new case of […]

Mostafa Daneshjou Admitted in Critical Care Unit (CCU)

  Yesterday evening, Mostafa Daneshjou was transferred to the hospital and admitted to critical-care units (C.C.U), following the recent respiratory attack in Evin prison and deterioration of his physical condition.According to Majzooban Noor, Mostafa Daneshjou, the Gonabadi Dervish lawyer and human rights activist, who suffers from the severe asthma and cardiac arrhythmias due to the deterioration in his lung function which has recently caused a severe respiratory attack, was sent to Shohada e Tajrish hospital […]

Mostafa Danshjou Sent to Prison Clinic due to Respiratory Attack

  A few days ago, Mostafa Daneshjou, in the middle of last night, due to the respiratory attack was sent to the clinic of the prison.Based on the report by Majzooban Noor, Mostafa Daneshjou, the Gonabadi Dervish lawyer and human rights activist, who suffers from the severe asthma and cardiac arrhythmias due to the respiratory attack at the midnight was sent to the central clinic of Evin prison and after a couple hours was sent […]

Half of the Sentences of Jailed Gonabadi Dervishes on Probation

  One of the lawyers of seven rights activists of Dervishes jailed in wards 4, 7 and 8, said that “almost half of the length of sentences of these individuals has been changed on probation (the suspended prison sentence)”.According to the issued verdict by Branch 54 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, which has recently been sent in a letter with No.282/93/8/14 to the ward of execution of sentence, the following sentences have been commuted:Hamid-Reza […]

Transfer of Mostafa Danshjou to Evin Prison Clinic due to a Heart Attack

    Mostafa Daneshjou, lawyer and dervish rights activist, who is suffering from cardiac arrhythmia and severe asthma, was transferred to Evin Prison clinic a few days ago due to a heart attack, and the physician on duty issued an emergency medical dispatch for him; however, his dispatch was suspended because of necessity of making arrangements with the Prosecutor General’s Office.On legal authorities’ order, Mostafa Daneshjoo was returned to prison on Wednesday, the 1st of […]

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