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Visual Report of Journey of Rights Activists of Dervishes to Shiraz

    Rights activists and lawyers who have been recently released from prison, over  the past week traveled to Shiraz and were highly welcomed by a number ofdervishes. In this multi-day trip, these dervishes visited the tombs of Sufi elders and Sheikhs of Gonabadi Ni’matullāhī  Order as well. In the following, they  also went over […]

Dervishes Threatened to Interrupt Treatment and Return Prison “According to Oral Order of the Deputy Prosecutor”

  According to the oral order of the deputy prosecutor, the prison authorities of Evin by dispatching the guards of the jail, threatened the imprisoned dervishes admitted in the Shohada e Tajrish hospital to take them back to the jail if they defy using handcuffs and shackles.Majzooban Noor added that following Mr .Khodabakhshi’s two ago […]

The Ministry of Intelligence calls Gonabadi Dervishes as Misled; Insulting Dervishes in “30 years of Silent Endeavor” Exhibition

  The Ministry of Intelligence and National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran, following calling Gonabadi Dervishes as misled and irreligious, in an exhibition entitled: “30 years of Silent Endeavor,” in Lorestan province, again in Hormozgan province by launching a similar exhibition and presenting posters , have introduced Gonabadi Dervishes as followers of misguided […]

The Campaign’s 2014 UPR Submission

  This submission by the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran provides information regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s implementation of Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Recommendations that the Government of Iran accepted after the First Review in 2010, as stipulated in the Guidelines for Relevant Stakeholders Submissions. (DOWNLOAD THE REPORT HERE)  All of the […]

Wide Summons of Dervishes to the Mahshahr’s Intelligence Ministry and Definition of 1 Dervish

  Over the past few days, dozens of Gonabadi Dervishes residents of Mahshahr have been summoned to the Intelligence Bureau by phone. Among them, one Dervish was detained and interrogated for several hours.According to reports by Majzooban Noor, during the past few days intelligence forces in Khuzestan province, by a concerted action called and summoned […]

Dervishes released following arrests at protest

  Dervishes arrested in the protest in front of the Tehran’s Prosecutor’s office were released today, Monday March 10. The Majzooban-e Noor website reports that the dervishes were arrested yesterday as they gathered in front of the Tehran Prosecutor’s office to protest the failure of prison authorities to address the medical needs of jailed dervishes. […]

Pressure on Dervishes to Close Their House of Worship in the City of Nayriz

  Recently, threats and pressures on Gonabadi Dervishes and violations of their rights has intensified by Basij militia and extremist religious groups with the aim of closing mystic religious ceremonies of the Dervishes in the city of Nayriz, situated in Fars province, Iran.According to Majzooban Noor, over recent days new efforts by extremist religious groups […]

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