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Visual Report of Journey of Rights Activists of Dervishes to Shiraz


photo 2015-08-31 11-20-54
Rights activists and lawyers who have been recently released from prison, over  the past week traveled to Shiraz and were highly welcomed by a number ofdervishes.
In this multi-day trip, these dervishes visited the tombs of Sufi elders and Sheikhs of Gonabadi Ni’matullāhī  Order as well. In the following, they  also went over the grave of late Mr. Khalil Moradi Sarvestani, father of Hamidreza  Moradi Sarvestani, the rights activist of Gonabadi dervishes whose father  had passed away when Mr. Moradi was in prison, Majzooban Noor reported.
This report also added that the aforementioned dervishes visited the family of Kasra Nouri, the imprisoned dervish in prison of Nezam in Shiraz, and after that met a number of dervishes in the house of Mr. Moradi. 
The rights activists of dervishes in the following of their journey went to city Sarvestan, near Shiraz, visited the family of Martyr Vahid Banani, who had been martyred in September 2011 by the attacks of self-willed forces, vigilantes known as plainclothes.  Afterwards, went over the grave of this martyr and also visited the dervishes of this city. 
These lawyers, on the way back to Tehran, took part in the religious ceremonies of Gonabadi dervishes held at the place of demolished religious site in Isfahan (Near the tomb of the blessed Mr.Sheikh Assadullah IzadGoshasb-DervishNaser’ali), and met the dervishes of Isfahan as well.  
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