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The Heads of Fars Province’s Prison Service Wrote Letter to the Public Prosecutor of Shiraz Call to Change the Prison Location of Kasra Nouri

kasra nouri nezam


According to a report by Majzooban Noor, recently, the heads of Fars province’s prison service by holding meetings and writing a letter to the Public Prosecutor of Shiraz are calling to change the prison location of jailed Gonabadi Dervish, Kasra Nouri.
According to the report, on last Tuesday, after Nezam Prison officials refused to deliver some clothes to Kasra Nouri which was brought by his family due to the having belt and formal trousers, prison authorities attempted to inspect the prison’s general ward, in order to take the formal trousers out of the ward. But Kasra Nouri disobeyed the order and he notified them the respect the rights of prisoners. The report further describes that in the late hours of the night, Fars province’s Chief Inspector of Prisons went to Nezam prison and certified Kasra Nouri’s claim as a legal action and declared that not delivering clothing by Nezam prison authorities has been an unlawful action.
It is pertinent to state that in above letter that was written by the authorities to the Prosecutor, the reasons for this request is the promotion and publicity of Sufism and disturbing the peace in prison by Kasra Nouri. It is notable that compose mail by the prison authorities for prosecution of Shiraz from the perspective of the law is absolutely unjustified; According to Article 498 of the Code of Criminal Procedure and Clause 2 of Article 513 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. In addition, there is no item about the ban on the use of formal trousers (with belt) in the regulation of prisons in the country.