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Salehedin Moradi Transferred to Nezam Prison



Salehedin Moradi, one of the rights activists of Gonabadi Dervishes, has been moved from central prison of Shiraz to prison No. 2 so-called Nezam.
This rights activist of Gonabadi dervishes whose mustache had recently been shaved illegally and mandatorily, then transferred to the ward 4 of prison of Adel Abad, once again has been sent to Nezam prison of Shiraz.
Salehedin Moradi has been in temporary detention in the lockup of No. 100 and central prison of Adel Abad for two months.
The prison No. 2 of Shiraz lies on the outskirt of the city, because the vast majority of its prisoners are military ones, have job experiences in the military institutions (Army or revolutionary guards), and have committed crimes in the scope of their activities, that’s why this prison is known as Nezam ( military) prison.