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Kasra Nouri’s Mother Interviews with International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

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Kasra Nouri’s mother, the jailed Gonabadi dervish, said to the International Campaign for Human Rights, that Kasra on Wednesday 7 Oct. 2015 by using “beat” was transferred to the Evin prison without any warrant or judicial notice. She also went on; “His lawyers and I yesterday went to the prosecutor’s office as well as to the Nezam prison in Shiraz but we did not receive any response from the respective authorities about the location of my son”. She added I told them; “I won’t leave here until I am told where my son is”. Finally, last night one of the officials called me and told me that “Kasra is in the quarantine of Evin prison”, and then I came back home, Mrs Yadoullahei added.
Mrs. Shoukoufeh Yadoullahei kept on that “today Kasra contacted me and told me that the officers of jail told him to go to Evin prison. Kasra asked them to show him the warrant judicial. But they refused and by using their shoes and hands beat him, then moved him to the airport of Shiraz in the same clothes and also barefoot, afterwards, Evin prison even without letting him pack his belongings. Kasra told me also that his hands were handcuffed too hard that now his hands are swollen so that when he had been taken to Evin prison, in the clinic of Evin his hands were bandaged”.

Majzooban Noor, the Website of Dervishes in Iran, mentioned that the heads of Departments of Prisons in Fars province by writing a letter to the public prosecutor asked to change the place of the mentioned dervish. The mentioned Website kept on that in this letter written by the officials the reason for this demand is “advertisement and promotion of mysticism as well as disturbance of the public order in jail”.
Kasra Nouri’s mother mentioned that “Sufism doesn’t need any advertisement. What can Kasra do in the prison to promote and advertise Sufism? These accusations are all lies, sham and baseless. During these two days, the authorities have not given us any answer and we have been only told that this transfer has been approved by the Attorney General of Fars province. Even not show any judicial order for this transfer”.
Mrs. Yadoullahei by expressing concerned stated that in the sentence of Kasra only Nezam prison of Shiraz has been written, not any transfer to other jails. At least the judge should be independent and act in accordance with the order that was issued. Why should he suddenly, without notice, without showing any warrant and by “beat”, be taken to another prison? These sorts of acts are only considered as an insult to the human dignity. Kasra has been sentenced to four years and four months jail, why they add all these insults at him at his youth years?
Kasra Nouri, 24 years, an activist of Rights of Dervishes, and also the colleague of Majzooban Noor Website (Website of Dervishes in Iran) for the first time on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 on the charges of “acting against regime and membership in the deviant group” was arrested and after 46 days in jails of Information Department and Adel-Abad of Shiraz was released on bail of 500,000,000 Rials. But then again, was arrested on March 14 the same year. He was sentenced to four years and four months jail by Branch 3 of Revolutionary Court presided by judge Rashidi due to the following allegations, such as, “Propaganda against regime, acts against national security, insult the superior leader, membership in Majzooban Noor Website and also interview with foreign Medias.
However, in the issued sentence by the Revolutionary Court the reason of this verdict was stated to prevent “irreparable consequences in the society, especially for the youth”.
Prior to, this activist of Rights of Dervishes on 18 January 2014 had been moved from Nezam prison to Adel-Abad without any explanation by October 7, 2015.