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Illegal order of judicial authorities to separate two imprisoned dervishes in Nezam prison of Shiraz



Deputy Director of prisons of Fars province in a visit to Nezam prison ordered to separate Mr. Salehedin Moradi and Kasra Nouri, the two Gonabadi imprisoned dervishes, in this jail.
Majzooban Noor adds that the deputy of prisons of Fars province said to these two dervishes, “the separation order of you two has been notified by the authorities”.
It is pertinent to mention the separation order of these two dervishes who are both imprisoned with political allegations has been issued while the prosecutor overseeing the prison of Evin despite the conspicuous and vivid expression of law for separation of those who are convicted to political crimes, has compelled the patients to use handcuffs and shackles.
It should be noted that separation of dervishes in prisons is in contradiction of the law which has been conversely implemented by the judicial authorities and prisons organization since last year.