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Prosecutors demanded the heaviest punishment for Dervishes, their repentance and stopping “Majzooban Noor” web activities

4dervishes shiraz

At the appeal hearing in four Gonabadi Dervishes’s case which was held on Thursday morning, 19 Shahrivar (September 10) in the city of Shiraz, the representative of the prosecution, demanded the maximum punishment for dervishes, wanted their repentance and stop “Majzooban Noor” web activities.
According to Majzooban Noor, at the court hearing in the case of four dervishes, Mr. Saleheddin Moradi, Mr. Farzad Darviah, Mr.Behzad Nouri and Mrs. Farzaneh Nouri that was held in Branch 16 of the appeals court of Shiraz, the representative of the prosecution contemptuously emphasized the necessity of their penitence, to discontinue Majzooban Noor website activities which covers news about the Nematollahi Gonabadi dervishes in Iran and also the maximum punishment for the mentioned dervishes.
The lawyers of dervishes in response to the representative of the prosecution’s words, asked the presiding judge to point out him about respecting the parties to the dispute in court.
It is notable that the mentioned dervishes by the court of first instance of Shiraz’s Revolutionary Court have been sentenced to imprisonment and exile on charge of propaganda against the regime and membership in an illegal and anti-security group.