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Empathy Action of Dervishes to Shave Heads



According to Majzooban Noor, following the attack on Ward 350 of Evin prison by security guards and return of Gonabadi Dervish Mostafa Abdi from solitary confinement of ward 240 to ward 350 with shaved head and bruised body other Gonabadi Dervishes across the country have declared that they will shave their heads to show support for the injured and insulted prisoners in Evin prison.
Many Dervishes from cities in country including Ahvaz, Shush, Abadan, Shahre Kourd, Bandar-Abbas, Andimeshk, Sirjan, Isfahan, Tehran and Gonabad have also shaved theis heads to express Solidarity and sympathy among the Dervishes.
Also in Social networks, Dervishes have shown their objections against abusive behavior by security forces toward their imprisoned brothers by changing their profile pictures.