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The Campaign’s 2014 UPR Submission



This submission by the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran provides information regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s implementation of Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Recommendations that the Government of Iran accepted after the First Review in 2010, as stipulated in the Guidelines for Relevant Stakeholders Submissions.


All of the Recommendations cited in the following document are among the 123 UPR Recommendations that the Islamic Republic of Iran accepted after its last UPR on 15 February 2010. However, there is consistent, credible, and compelling evidence, documented and presented here by the Campaign, that Iran has not followed through on the implementation of these Recommendations.

In particular, the Campaign calls attention here to the numerous and systematic violations of the Recommendations accepted by Iran which concern the continuation of the practice of torture; the denial of due process throughout the Iranian judicial system; the lack of freedom of speech, association, or assembly (and in particular, the right to peaceful dissent); the pervasive ill treatment in the Iranian prison system (especially the denial of critically needed medical care); the discrimination against and persecution of ethnic and religious minorities (and the denial of freedom of religion); the targeted persecution and prosecution of human rights defenders; the lack of accountability—indeed impunity—of government officials implicated in gross human rights violations; the continuation of gender-based discrimination; and Iran’s lack of cooperation with international human rights mechanisms.

This submission is based on the Campaign’s research and reporting which included interviews with rights victims, their family members, lawyers and colleagues, and eyewitnesses, including prison cell mates.