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Dervishes released following arrests at protest



Dervishes arrested in the protest in front of the Tehran’s Prosecutor’s office were released today, Monday March 10.

The Majzooban-e Noor website reports that the dervishes were arrested yesterday as they gathered in front of the Tehran Prosecutor’s office to protest the failure of prison authorities to address the medical needs of jailed dervishes.

Dervishes from across the country, together with families of jailed dervishes who are serving sentences in Rejaishahr, Evin and Nezam Shiraz Prisons, have been gathering at the Prosecutor’s Office building since March 8 to urge the authorities to respect the legal rights of these jailed dervishes and provide them with the medical care they need.

Majzooban-e Noor reported yesterday that 31 women and 200 men were arrested yesterday and sent to Evin Prison.

The 10 jailed dervishes have been on hunger strike to convince authorities to take heed of their rights as political prisoners.

Two thousand dervishes from across the country have announced that they too are going on hunger strike in solidarity with the demands of their jailed peers.