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Dervishes Threatened to Interrupt Treatment and Return Prison “According to Oral Order of the Deputy Prosecutor”



According to the oral order of the deputy prosecutor, the prison authorities of Evin by dispatching the guards of the jail, threatened the imprisoned dervishes admitted in the Shohada e Tajrish hospital to take them back to the jail if they defy using handcuffs and shackles.
Majzooban Noor added that following Mr .Khodabakhshi’s two ago visit (Sunday 26 April), deputy prosecutor and prosecutor overseeing security political prisoners, from the mentioned hospital and imprisoned prisoners, yesterday afternoon, the dervish prisoners admitted to this hospital with oral order were required to use handcuffs and shackles.
Mr. Hamid-Reza Moradi and Mr. Mostafa Daneshjou, two rights activists of Gonabadi Dervishes, who are now admitted in this hospital, declared the oral statement has no legal basis and refused them, afterward, their action prompted the prison authority to threaten them to interrupt the trend of treatment and would be sent back to jail.
Consequently, the treatment team of these two dervishes refused the transfer of them to the prison, and declared that any involvement in the prisoner’s treatment would need a written notice and letter issued by the judicial authorities.
It is pertinent to mention that according to their physicians, these two dervishes who suffer from lung and heart diseases must be strongly kept away from stress and conditions which are potential to tension.