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Wide Summons of Dervishes to the Mahshahr’s Intelligence Ministry and Definition of 1 Dervish



Over the past few days, dozens of Gonabadi Dervishes residents of Mahshahr have been summoned to the Intelligence Bureau by phone. Among them, one Dervish was detained and interrogated for several hours.
According to reports by Majzooban Noor, during the past few days intelligence forces in Khuzestan province, by a concerted action called and summoned more than 40 Gonabadi Dervishes residents of the city of Mahshahr to appear at the Intelligence Ministry. The most of summoning were done illegally via telephone, therefore Dervishes ignored that.
It is notable that, summoning via telephone is absolutely illegal and no one should abide by those calls. Summoning may only take place through the judiciary; it should be done via an official written summons.
Following these pressures, security guards threatened Dervishes with their forcible dismissal.
Report indicates that, Thursday, 4th of Ordibehesht 9 a.m (April 24) Gonabadi Dervish from Mahshahr, Mr. Amin Deriss was arrested in his home without a warrant and taken to the “Ministry of Intelligence News Headquarters” where he was kept under inquisition and investigation till 2 p.m.
Amin Deriss was asked to give a commitment not to participate in any Dervish ceremonies but he has rejected to sign the commitment letter, then, Intelligence officers threatened if he continues to participate in the Dervishes ceremonies, there will be many problems with his career.
It is worth mentioning that, since late Esfand 1392 ( March 2014) Gonabadi Dervishes from the city of Mahshahr have been summoned and interrogation for several hours which was mostly in order to prevent Dervishes from participating in their religious ceremonies.