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Majzooban Noor Website’s Manager In An Interview With “Melli-Mazhabi”:Jail,Lashing And Exile Are What Dervishes Are Alloted To




The court session date of imprisoned lawyers and Majzooban Noor website’s managers is postponed for second time again.

It is more that 14 months that Four lawyers and managers of Majzooban Noor website are waiting for the trial.

Mr.Farshid Yadollahi, Amir Eslam, Omid Behroozi and Mostafa Daneshjou are jailed for the reason of defending their clients. Mr.Saleh Moradi, Kasra Nouri, MohamadAli Shamshirzan, Afshin Karampour and Reza Entesari (Photo journalist and Film producer of National T.V) and Hamid Reza Moradi (manager of Majzooban Noor website) are also jailed and accused for ” Insulting the leadership”, ” Action against national security” and “Membership in Diverted group”.

Farhad Nour who presently holds the responsibility of managing the Majzooban Noor website answers to questions of reason why, the court is postponed:

Mr.Noury can you tell us the reason for postponement of the court again?

•According to the Low the court was supposed to be open.The followers and dervishes’s families have been feeling quite insulted by the accusation of being ” deviated and anti-security” group, then they had decided to participate in court to hear the reason of court for these accusations.Since they also felt that all the Gonabadi dervishes are being accused.Not it seems that this could be one of the reasons of postponement.

Another reason could be the Judge Salavati’s refrainment, to hand the copy of cases of prisoners to all their lawyers so that, lawfully they could defend their clients.Judge Salavati had only let tow of the lawyers to read a fragment of the cases.Even if the court was held, it would not have been a legal one,Also I must say that this court was supposed to be held seven months ago, which was also postponed for the same reason.

What is the situation of other dervishes’s trials in other cities?

•Mr.EhsanAllah Amanian is in Mashhad Vakil Abad prison.He was been lashed 50 times and has five months in prisonment and after that he should spend one year in exile. He is accused also for the same about mentioned reasons.

In Shiraz city, Mr.Saleh Moradi (over a year), Kasra Nouri ( over 8 months) and MohamadAli Shamshirzan ( nearly 6 months) are held in Adel Abad prison for the same reasons too.Two of them refused to court for the reason of not being provided a lawyer.

For what reason and when all these suppress ions stated againt Gonabadi dervishes?

•For many years dervishes have been jailed, wiped and exiled with different pretexts.The recent atrocities have started from Kavar town events which started by a clergy intriguing some number of Basijies against the dervishes’s Beliefs. Then the Basijies attacked homes and offices of Gonabadi dervishes in that region.Other fellow dervishes to help their families and friends, were they faced the harsh and inhuman reaction from security and military forces.One of the dervishes (Vahid Banani) was martyred. It was after that incident, that a wave of attacks and arrests was started in Tehran and Shiraz against all dervishes.This is the main reason for arresting many lawyers and also managers of Majzooban Noor website.Since the rulers do not like the idea of attrosities by publicized and reported so dervishes have been News boycotted by officials.

Could you please explain about the physical and health situation of these people in jail?

•At the moment three of seven prisoners are in hospital.Hamid Reza Moradi is suffering from blood vessels obstruction specially in his legs vessels.This has caused his feet tows to turn black and if he is not been properly cured his feet will have to be amputated.He is fortunately at the moment hospitalized.

Mr.Mostafa Daneshjou is suffering from Asthma and now being in hospital too.

Mr.Reza Entesari is going under Surgery for his crushed finger which was the cause of being beaten up by security guards.

Mr.Saleh Moradi is confined in Shiraz at Alel Abad prison. He is suffering from nervous pains in his shoulders and arms and also from kidney problems.He is not receiving any treatment up to now.He is not have these pains before being jailed until he had been under Severe Interrogation that could be the causes of all these pains.

Mr.Mohammad Ali Shamshirzan who also is confined in Adel Abad prison for more than seven months is afflicted by breath sickness that caused by bad situation of prison’s dirty atmosphere.His family are trying very hard for his health care to be carried in hospital but unfortunately they have not Succeeded yet. A part from his dangerous condition was that he started having a very bad Toothache, This resulted to take him to jail clinic in which in stead of curing, they pulled out his teeth.

if the prison authorities have been sent this “prisoner of conscience” earlier to the medical center for treatment, this irreparable injury would not have happened to him and there was no need to pull out Gonabadi dervish’s teeth!