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“I came from Evin, more Resolute than before” “Interview with Reza Entesari”

Interview with Reza EntesariShima ShahrabiIranWire Only a few hours after his release attended before the camera and just did wish that a law based on the will and determination of people is formed so that the law is not misused as a tool for exerting pressure. Reza Entesari a few days ago after passing four […]

Iran Filters Outspoken Lawmaker’s Website

  The website of conservative Iranian lawmaker Ali Motahari has been filtered by Iran’s judiciary, according to the hard-line Fars news agency. The report says no official explanation has been provided for the decision to block Motahari’s website, which is also inaccessible from outside the country. The official IRNA news agency says “unconfirmed reports” suggest […]

Iran Continues Crackdown on Sufis

  Iran continues to arrest Sufi mystics. The victims of state suppression represent the Gonabadi-Nimatullahi order, the main body of traditional metaphysical Muslims in the country. On April 20, Abdolghafour Ghalandari Nejad, a webmaster for the Gonabadi-Nimatullahi site Majzooban Noor (The Alluring Light), was detained in the south Iranian port city of Bandar Abbas. Situated […]

Condolence of Majzooban Noor Website for the Death of Dr. Ahmad Sadr Hajj Seyed Javadi

Hou 121   Among all eyes, One is lessBut among all the wise, More than a thousand is less… Dr. Ahmad Sadr Hajj Seyed Javadi, the rare man of the history of Iran’s peoples’ rights died and finally the soil embraced the tired and ailing body of this brave patriot.His divine justice-seeking and high spirit […]

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