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Dr. Azmayesh Interview with Radio Farda about Confirming Charge of Moharebeh against Dervishes by the Supreme Court

  The Supreme Court has upheld the sentence issued to seven Gonabadi Dervishes, by the Shiraz Revolutionary Court.The seven Gonabadi dervishes residents of Kavar County, have been found guilty of “enmity with God” and “corruption on earth”; three of them are sentenced to lifetime exile and the other four are to spend 28 years in […]

Interview with Hazrat Haj Dr.Noor Ali Tabandeh “Majzoob Ali Shah” on Sunday, September 21, 2014

This is the audio file and also written interview you will see in the following. It should be mentioned this interview was carried out one day ago including the statements of The Holiness about the events over the past two days and protests of Gonabadi Dervishes due to the security forces and putting pressures on […]

An Interview from Majzooban Noor with Salehedin Moradi, one of the plaintiffs of the Kavar Incident.“Their defenses were full of disrespects and insults to people and the current leader Friday prayer in that time”.

  One dead and three injured, more than a hundred years of exile and banishment, imprisonment, and an increase of life and job insecurity are just some of the consequences of the senseless act that four young clergymen have imposed on Gonabadi Dervishes in Fars province. Of course, the senseless movement from the old hand […]

Interview: Yes, Iran does have political prisoners

 Iran’s judiciary claims it has no political prisoners. Human Rights Watch set out to prove them wrong. Researcher Faraz Sanei speaks with Amy Braunschweiger about his new report, who Iran is persecuting and why, and if President Hassan Rouhani – a self-proclaimed moderate – has the ability and willingness to do something about it.   […]

Dervishes Online; An Interview with Farhad Nouri of Majzooban Noor

  How have Iran’s persecuted religious minorities used technology to organise themselves, express their religious beliefs, and cultivate online faith communities?The Islamic Republic of Iran has been waging an intense and protracted campaign of discrimination and violent persecution against several of the country’s religious minority communities, whilst reducing others to second-class citizenship through inhumane legislation andinstitutionalised discrimination.But these communities are […]

Interview With an Ayatollah

  When it comes to Iranian clerics, Grand Ayatollah Youssef Saanei has long defied convention. Over the years, he has issued edicts that uphold women’s rights. He also preaches what in this society is a reformist political line and advocates rapprochement between Iran and the United States. It’s little wonder, then, that during the administration […]

Masih Alinejad Interview With One of Gonabadi Dervishes Who Were Deported for Life

    According to Majzooban Noor, the Branch 2 of Shiraz Revolutionary Court issued its verdicts against three Gonabadi Dervishes, Messrs. Hamid-Reza Arayesh, Kazem Dehghan and Mohammad-Ali Shamshirzan, convicting all of them to life in exile. They are charged with “moharebeh (enmity with God)”, “spreading corruption on the earth”, “membership in illegal group (being Dervish/ […]

Iranian Daily Publishes Interview With State Department Official

  On September 30, the reformist “Shargh” daily published an interview with the U.S. State Department’s Persian spokesman, Alan Eyre, in which he was asked about the historic telephone conversation between U.S. President Barack Obama and his Iranian counterpart, Hassan Rohani, and the dispute over Iran’s nuclear activities. “Shargh” posted the interview together with a […]

“My Sattar Died for Iran”: An Interview with Sattar Beheshti’s Mother

More than six months after the prison death of Sattar Beheshti, a laborer and blogger from Robat Karim (17 miles outside Tehran) who was arrested on November 3, 2012, and died the next day, his mother and sister have not been able to face in court the men who murdered the 35-year-old man under torture […]

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