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Interview with a “Mother”



On the occasion of birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatima (SA), we would like to offer you a short conversation with a “Mother”. The afflicted mother waiting for her three family members who are behind bars in the country due to adherence to Dervish sect. Farshid Yadollahi, Omid Behroozi and Kasra Nouri who are being held nearly 19 months in Tehran’s Evin and Shiraz’s Adel Abad prison, are respectively the son, son-in-law and grandson of Mrs. Parvin Nouri.
Mrs. Nouri, first and foremost, we would like to congratulate you the birth anniversary of Hazrat Fatima (SA) and Mother’s Day.
– Yes! today is the birthday of Hazrat Fatima (SA), although no mother is able to reach this point of Spiritual Authority status of this selfless Mother, but mothers always work hard and endure grief and hardship, they sacrifice in order to train children honesty and to keep them on the right and truth path and whenever they reach this goal, it would be considered as a celebration day or “Mother’s Day”.
Mrs. Nouri, what do you feel as a mother of three jailed Dervishes who are in prison for a long time because of their faith and being Dervish?
I miss my son, Farshid Yadollahi and my son in law, Omid Behroozi for two years, who both are lawyers and my dear grandson, Kasra Nouri that is also a law student. A mother, normally cannot watch her children being held in custody even if they have done something wrong… but in my case, my children are not guilty of anything. I’m so proud of them because of their integrity and trying to serve people that is the best gift for a mother.
Mrs. Nouri, did you ever imagine visiting your children in jail?
– I never expected it, they do not deserve to be in prison, they are educated and faithful. They would defend the rights of Gonabadi Dervishes, the afflicted and oppressed. But as you know, throughout history, there is a lot of innocent, noble and great people who were imprisoned. These days, will become “history” too in future.
Can you meet regularly with your children? How is visiting them in prison?
– No! We are living in Shiraz and will have to travel a long distance to visit them behind a glass visiting window and only for a few minutes in Tehran’s Evin prison where our loved ones are being held. Seeing them behind glass and that I am not allowed to hug my children is so difficult to me.
Mrs. Nouri, if you have something to say which you did not have the chance to say, please tell.
– I am a mother, I am suffering from heart disease and I have spent almost two years away from my children. But I should tolerate separation from my children, I am waiting for them to come back with victory and dignity.
In Mother’s Day, I wish I could hug my children and I visit them closely.
Thank you for sharing your time with us.
– Hope for Freedom