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“Salehedin Moradi Refused bail due to the illegal arrest and alleged charges”, the lawyer of this rights activist says

  The lawyer of Salehedin Moradi who yesterday after the refusal to put up bail, pay bond, had been transferred to the prison of Adel Abad of Shiraz, announced that the reason that his client refused to put up bail was that he believed that the process of his arrest and alleged charges were all […]

Saleh Moradi’s Wife: ” After 20 Days, Saleh Is Still Being Interrogated.”

    Salehedin Moradi, who is an activist advocating Gonabadi Derivshes’ rights, was arrested on the pretext of carrying out the exile sentence issued by Kavar court. His wife told Majooban Noor: “During these 20 days my husband was interrogated in the detention center of Shiraz Intelligence Department no. 100”. Regarding how he was arrested, […]

Saleh Moradi, a Gonabadi Dervishes of Shiraz, Arrested

  Saleh Moradi, one of the rights activists of dervishes, yesterday was arrested by the plainclothes forces.Yesterday, 6th of Esfand 1393( February, 25, 2015), six plainclothes forces entered the residential place of Salehedin Moradi Sarvestani in Shiraz and without any judicial warrant, arrested and took him to an unknown location.His family was told that it […]

Dervish’s Letter to Prosecutor and Special Clerical Court

  After passing three years and following the lack of investigation of Dervishes’s complaints against 4 clerics, the principal offenders of Kavar event, Gonabadi Dervish, Saleh Moradi in a new letter to the officials of the Special Court for Clerics calls for urgent action and judicial consideration in this case.According to Majzooban Noor, Gonabadi Dervish […]

Response of Special Clerical Court to Dervishes, “Not Authorized to Issue Verdict”

  When a number of Gonabadi Dervishes put a compliant in action against some of the clerics who had a key role in stimulating the extremists, and not any result has been seen yet, the respective judge to this case said; “we are not allowed to issue the verdict due to the command of high […]

Demonstrations in Amsterdam in Support of Sufis

  Following the recent Iranian Supreme Court approval of the Shiraz Revolutionary Courts ruling upon which 7 Gonabadi dervishes were convicted of belligerence and corruption on earth and sentence of exile; the representatives of international organisation to preserve human rights in Iran gathered in Amsterdam to protest the Iranian Supreme court decision and demand for […]

Dr. Azmayesh Interview with Radio Farda about Confirming Charge of Moharebeh against Dervishes by the Supreme Court

  The Supreme Court has upheld the sentence issued to seven Gonabadi Dervishes, by the Shiraz Revolutionary Court.The seven Gonabadi dervishes residents of Kavar County, have been found guilty of “enmity with God” and “corruption on earth”; three of them are sentenced to lifetime exile and the other four are to spend 28 years in […]

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