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Saleh Moradi, a Gonabadi Dervishes of Shiraz, Arrested



Saleh Moradi, one of the rights activists of dervishes, yesterday was arrested by the plainclothes forces.
Yesterday, 6th of Esfand 1393( February, 25, 2015), six plainclothes forces entered the residential place of Salehedin Moradi Sarvestani in Shiraz and without any judicial warrant, arrested and took him to an unknown location.
His family was told that it seems he was arrested for the execution of sentence, but, the plainclothes forces didn’t show any judicial warrant to his family in relation to the detention.
Earlier, Saleh Moradi had been sentenced by the General Court of Shiraz to two years exile and thirty lashes.
Saleh Moradi, one of the rights activists of dervishes had been arrested in 1390 (2012) due to the riot and sedition conducted by the religious extremists in the city of Kavar, and spent approximately two years in jail.