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Response of Special Clerical Court to Dervishes, “Not Authorized to Issue Verdict”



When a number of Gonabadi Dervishes put a compliant in action against some of the clerics who had a key role in stimulating the extremists, and not any result has been seen yet, the respective judge to this case said; “we are not allowed to issue the verdict due to the command of high authorities”.
By passing three years after the complaint that Salehedin Moradi, Kasra Nouri and a number of Gonabadi dervishes brought against four clerics who had the major role in generating the negative propaganda, instigation, and also organizing protests and demonstrations against Gonabadi dervishes in city Kavar in year 2011, the judge in response to one of the plaintiffs concerning the outcome of the hearing of the case said; ” on the order of authorities, we are not allowed to issue the verdict”.
During the time of the investigation, only one hearing session was held in Mordad of this year (August 2014) with the presence of these four clerics.
These four mullahs named Shahbazi, Akbari, Ghaemi and Ghanbari in Shahrivar 1390 (September 2011), stimulated the dervishes of the region by distributing derogatory leaflets and CDs containing anti-Sufi and mysticism. The dervishes of the mentioned region had frequently warned the officials that the movements of the four clergy would lead to conflict.
Despite these warnings, these four brought together a number of militia and extremists and by holding offensive demonstrations, instigated the radicals and extremists and then during the incident, security forces entered the favor of these hardliners and extremists. In addition to killing a young dervish named Mr.Vahid Banani with the Colt, seven lawyers and rights activists reporting the incidents were arrested as well.

The outcome of these four, more than a hundred years in prison for the dervishes and followers of the Gonabadi Sufi Order, which seven of lawyers among these people have been sentenced to 60 years in prison, and also a large number of dervishes have been sentenced to 2 to 3 years in jail along with exile, lash and social exclusions.