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“Salehedin Moradi Refused bail due to the illegal arrest and alleged charges”, the lawyer of this rights activist says

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The lawyer of Salehedin Moradi who yesterday after the refusal to put up bail, pay bond, had been transferred to the prison of Adel Abad of Shiraz, announced that the reason that his client refused to put up bail was that he believed that the process of his arrest and alleged charges were all illegal.

Majzooban Noor in a report went on this lawyer mentions that he has not received the new case of his client, and in the following adds that a new case has been formed against his client in Kavar and submitted to Branch 14 of the revolutionary court of Shiraz.
In the end, the lawyer of Mr. Moradi cited that the alleged charges against this rights activist are as follows:
“Membership in an illegal group”, “management of recent illegal gathering of Gonabadi dervishes”, “interview with foreign medias”, propaganda against the system”, and “disturbing public order”.
Then the lawyer about the reason of refusal on putting up bail of his client added that the first determined amount was supposed to be 5000 000 000 Rials, then due to the refusal, had declined to bail, but my client by considering all the alleged charges and also the trend of detention as illegal ones, rejected to put up bail and said he was ready to be freed only on parole.
It should be mentioned that Gonabadi dervishes after the bitter calamity of demolition of the place of worship of Shariat e Qom in year 1384 (2005) and also destruction of another place of worship of dervishes in Boroujerd and Esfahan which had taken place and frequently kept on by the religious extremists (Militias) and unidentified plainclothes, afterward, as a protest against the procedures of arrest, illegal trials and lack of attention to make files based on frame of law and also the trend of interrogations have refused to put up bail for temporary freedom and went to jail.
It should be noted that Salehedin Moradi on 6 Esfand (25 Feb. 2015) was arrested in his house and then taken to No. 100 (name of a famous detention) for interrogation, while the judicial officials and security forces had announced that the reason was to execute the sentence of exile.
This rights activist after twenty days interrogation at the lockup of the Information Office had been transferred to the court of Kavar, and from there due to refusal to put up bail has been transferred to the prison of Adel Abad.

Salehedin Moradi is now imprisoned in the central jail of Adel Abad in which in terms of health, sanitation and facilities is described as a poor and disastrous one.