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Kasra Nouri’s Mother Interviews with International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

  Kasra Nouri’s mother, the jailed Gonabadi dervish, said to the International Campaign for Human Rights, that Kasra on Wednesday 7 Oct. 2015 by using “beat” was transferred to the Evin prison without any warrant or judicial notice. She also went on; “His lawyers and I yesterday went to the prosecutor’s office as well as […]

Kasra Nouri in Evin

  Website of Majzooban Noor stated that the officials of Nezam prison of Shiraz said to the other dervishes and his family who had been gathered in front of Adel Abad and Nezam prisons that the mentioned dervish, KasraNouri, has been transferred to Evin priosn in Tehran, while still not any contact from this inmate […]

Jailed Dervish, Kasra Nouri Transferred to an Unknown Location.

  Kasra Nouri, one of the imprisoned Gonabadi dervishes, with handcuffs and shackles were transferred to an unknown location.According to the received report, this was carried out by the security forces, but, so far, any news has not been revealed from his whereabouts.It should be cited that the mentioned dervish had been recently threatened several […]

The Heads of Fars Province’s Prison Service Wrote Letter to the Public Prosecutor of Shiraz Call to Change the Prison Location of Kasra Nouri

  According to a report by Majzooban Noor, recently, the heads of Fars province’s prison service by holding meetings and writing a letter to the Public Prosecutor of Shiraz are calling to change the prison location of jailed Gonabadi Dervish, Kasra Nouri.According to the report, on last Tuesday, after Nezam Prison officials refused to deliver […]

We are told “Article 134 of New Islamic Penal Code is not Applicable to my Son” Mother of Kasra Nouri said

  Mother of  Kasra Nouri, prisoner of conscience that after passing more than four years in prison still his demand for the application of Article 134 of the new Penal Code has not been granted said to the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran; “we applied this new article for Kasra at the early […]

Hamid-Reza Moradi Freed after his Sentence Ended (Photo)

Rights activist of Gonabadi Dervishes, Hamid-Reza Moradi Sarvestani, eventually after four years spending in prison has been freed from the jail due to the termination of the sentence. The News Website of Gonabadi Dervishes, Majzooban Noor, added that the freedom sentence of the aforementioned dervish who had been hospitalized in the Shohada e Tajrish hospital, […]

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