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“Propaganda”, Fresh Pretext Pressure on Dervishes/Closure of Social Services/Conviction of one Dervish to Whip/collection of Images Donated by Kasra Nouri to Nezam Prison

kasra golpaygan mamadkarireza a


Yet the ink of conviction of the holder of the ceremonies of Gonabadi dervishes in Goulpayegan city ,because of what the officials of intelligence organization have composed in their reports as “propaganda for Gonabadi Order”, has not been desiccated that the prison authorities of Nezam in Shiraz made Kasra Nouri collect and remove all images of tombs of mysticism of the contemporary and past periods who had donated to this center, lest through these images and panels, prisoners are inclined to mysticism and Sufism.

Majzooban Noor adds that although the security and judicial authorities frequently mention that no one is charged as being dervish, in practice, we are witness the officials affiliated with these two institutions, sentence the dervishes to imprisonment, lash and also exile under this pretext that they propagate mysticism.
After the closure of Reza Social Service in Tehran and Shahriar by the security forces claiming that in these two places mysticism was propagated, the judiciary also sentenced another dervish who held religious meetings for many years to 74 lashes on the same charge. Shortly after that, the authorities of prison due to the imagination and illusion that the imprisoned dervishes might propagate mysticism in jails, afterward, brought Kasra Nouri under the pressure to take down the images of tombs and mausoleums of great masters of mysticism which were installed on the hallways of the corridor of the prisons donated by the mentioned dervish. It seems that after the “act against national security”, which was a prevalent allegation against dervishes, now another scenario under the pretext of “mysticism propaganda” as new and fresh waves of pressures is ongoing.
Gonabadi dervishes have frequently addressed the senior officials in letters, including the Minister of Information that if they see mysticism and their followers as apostate and irreligious individuals and a huge threat to national security,so, to avoid the suspicion of propaganda in favor of mysticism which is contrary to the fundamental principle of the Gonabadi Nematollahi Order, imprison all dervishes. But as it is conspicuously obvious, the illusion of propaganda of mysticism also in prisons has engaged and involved the minds of justice and security officials and doesn’t let them feel relaxed!

Majzooban Noor releases a suggestion that to avoid the flow of state budget for the arrest and detention of dervishes and also to end and halt the fears and self-made illusion, the authorities can establish a particular prison to mysticism and their followers so that no one outside and inside the prison tends to Sufism and mysticism.