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“Propaganda”, Fresh Pretext Pressure on Dervishes/Closure of Social Services/Conviction of one Dervish to Whip/collection of Images Donated by Kasra Nouri to Nezam Prison

  Yet the ink of conviction of the holder of the ceremonies of Gonabadi dervishes in Goulpayegan city ,because of what the officials of intelligence organization have composed in their reports as “propaganda for Gonabadi Order”, has not been desiccated that the prison authorities of Nezam in Shiraz made Kasra Nouri collect and remove all […]

Religious Site of Gonabadi Dervishes Threatened Again, Gonabadi Religious Premises is on the Brink of Closure in Kish Island

  Kish Free Zone Organization by unloading a truck of building materials in front of a Gonabadi dervish’s house which the religious ceremony of Gonabadi dervishes is held there, asked the residents of this private house to evacuate immediately this location.A report issued by Majzooban Noor adds, not long ago, a group known as Free […]