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“Propaganda”, Fresh Pretext Pressure on Dervishes/Closure of Social Services/Conviction of one Dervish to Whip/collection of Images Donated by Kasra Nouri to Nezam Prison

  Yet the ink of conviction of the holder of the ceremonies of Gonabadi dervishes in Goulpayegan city ,because of what the officials of intelligence organization have composed in their reports as “propaganda for Gonabadi Order”, has not been desiccated that the prison authorities of Nezam in Shiraz made Kasra Nouri collect and remove all […]

Parisa Hafezi, Reuters Tehran Bureau Chief, Convicted Of ‘Propaganda-Related Offenses’ By Iranian Media Court

    Iranian state-owned media says a special media court has found the Tehran bureau chief of the Thomson Reuters news agency guilty of “spreading lies” against the Islamic system for a video story that Iran claims briefly included a misleading description of women training in the martial arts.

The Necessity Permit To Pray For Gonabadi Dervishes In Adel Abad Prison And More Negative Propaganda Against Mysticism And Sufism

According to Majzooban reporter, Messrs.Saleh Moradi Sarvestani, Kazem Dehghan and Hamid Reza Arayesh who were transferred to Green ward of Adel Abad prison in Shraz, have been punished by displacement and separation within the last few days .