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Majzooban Noor website’s New Year statement on the occasion of the beginning of 1394




We would like to congratulate all Iranians, followers of different faiths, especially the Ne’matollahi Gonaabadi Dervishes, and our leader Dr. Noor Ali Tabandeh (Majzoob Ali Shah) on the ancient Eid of Norooz, and we pray to God for everyone’s long-standing prosperity and glorious days.

Last year, in a prolonged winter of lack of determination and thoughtful planning to resolve crises and improve the status quo in our country, the seedling of fulfilling people’s demands did not blossom, and the sun of justice was shrouded by the dark clouds of despotism, infringements, violence, and extremism, the deficient rules and spiritless law enforcers failed to solve people’s problems, happiness was no more than a distant mirage, and sorrow pervaded people’s weary spirits.

Dervishes, during their confinement in this winter and added oppression inflected on them by their opponents, once more experienced the bitter stories of the previous years. News boycott, tortures and assaults, prison and arrests, unlawful summons, and all the lawless measures have kept a tight rein on their lives, only because authorities and policy-making bodies have a security-oriented approach to them.
Last year, our hopes were shattered by the jealousy of those in opposition, and advocates of darkness, propagators of oppression, apostles of grief, and mourners of depression and contempt, indifferent towards dervishes’ rights, tried to induce despair in our souls. However, now that the New Year has commenced, we raise our hands to the sky, hopeful to God, determined and united, and pray together for the fulfillment of our wishes:

O thee, the transformer of conditions and souls, change ours to the best in accordance with your will.
O thee, the transformer of conditions, Clean our hearts off all bad feelings, shadows, and whatever distances us from you and divides us.
O God, we pray to you that the banner of justice will be raised in our land, and all cruelty, retention and confinement, inquisition, corruption, self-immolation, violence, and extremism will disappear.

We hope that, instead of us having to launch the campaign of Dervishes’ migration from Iran to Evin, our governors, resolute enough, will promise helping with migration of dervishes and all those seeking legitimate freedom from Evin to an Iran full of prosperity, tranquility, freedom, peace, and friendship.
We hope that in the New Year, the present conditions alter in such a way that the country authorities will be proud of ruling people who demand their rights fearlessly and decide their own fate within an atmosphere of freedom, peace of mind, welfare, and growth, authorities who care for the nation with patience, are wise, hate it when people suffer hardship, and are committed to ethics and values.

We hope that in the New Year the angel of reason and wisdom will plow the land of ignorance and oppression, remove weeds of superstition and antagonism, and plant seeds of peace, affection, and sympathy in everyone’s soul, so that the divine land of Iran will be greener than ever before.

May God answer all our prayers and fulfill our wishes.


Majzooban Noor website management