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Majzooban Noor website’s New Year statement on the occasion of the beginning of 1394

 Hou 121 We would like to congratulate all Iranians, followers of different faiths, especially the Ne’matollahi Gonaabadi Dervishes, and our leader Dr. Noor Ali Tabandeh (Majzoob Ali Shah) on the ancient Eid of Norooz, and we pray to God for everyone’s long-standing prosperity and glorious days. Last year, in a prolonged winter of lack of […]

Response of Special Clerical Court to Dervishes, “Not Authorized to Issue Verdict”

  When a number of Gonabadi Dervishes put a compliant in action against some of the clerics who had a key role in stimulating the extremists, and not any result has been seen yet, the respective judge to this case said; “we are not allowed to issue the verdict due to the command of high […]

Attorneyship Bill Challenges the Independence of Lawyers

  The Government’s recent decision to resume the process of adopting the Formal Attorneyship Bill, by presenting it to the parliament, has reignited concerns among Iranian lawyers and jurists over the potential impact of the proposed bill in further undermining the independence of lawyers in Iran. In my October 2012 report to the UN General […]

Lawyers of Gonabadi Dervishes were asked to end hunger strikes; The voice of your justice seeking has been heard by Nation

  More than hundred political activists along with former political prisoners in a letter to the lawyers of Gonabadi Dervishes accentuated that the voice of their justice seeking has been heard by all people of Iran, and now it is time to break their hunger strike and release their families and people of Iran from […]

Breaking News: Security Forces Arrested Dervishes to Turn off their Voice of Protest

Today 29th of Shahrivar 1393 ( September 20, 2014) security forces had a violent confrontation with peaceful Gonabadi Dervishes who had planned to gather in support of their jailed lawyers Dervishes in front of the Tehran Prosecutor’s office and arrested more than 170 Dervishes in the streets nearby as they are the signers of Campaign […]

Despite Health Problems Mostafa Daneshjou and Reza Entesari Join Jailed Peers in Hunger Strike

  Mostafa Daneshjou and Reza Entesari, two imprisoned Dervish rights activists announced to start their hunger strike from yesterday.According to a report by Majzooban Noor, two mentioned Dervishes went on hunger strike while both of them are suffering from serious physical illnesses.Reza Entesari recently suffers from chest pain and heart palpitations but prison officials have […]

Migration of Dervishes from Iran to Jail from Perspective of Power

  When Majzooban Noor in its first note detailed about the reasons of invitation of Gonabadi Dervishes to join to the migration campaign from Iran to Evin, afterward, three significant questions have been raised, then, in response to these questions, the mentioned Website outlined the motives for adopting this decision. In the second note coming […]

Bill Criminalizing Birth Control is “Against Citizens’ Rights,” Critics Say

  Two prominent Iranian lawyers have questioned the legitimacy of a bill approved by the Iranian Parliament on June 24, 2014, which calls for punishment against those who perform birth control procedures such as vasectomy and tubectomy. The bills are part of an official drive to boost the country’s population. The two lawyers, Farideh Gheirat […]

Iran Executed Another Kurdish Political Prisoner Without Alerting Family nor Lawyers

  Ahmad Saeed Sheikhi, one of the lawyers representing Shirkoo Moarefi, a Kurdish prisoner who was executed November 4, confirmed news of his execution and told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, “I learned about my client’s execution from news websites. I tried to contact his family many times and I was finally […]

Nasrin Sotoudeh, an hour after release: “They told me, ‘You are free.’ Other prisoners and lawyers should be released, too”

  An hour after her release from prison, human rights lawyer and prisoner of conscience Nasrin Sotoudeh told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, “When they took me out of the prison, they told me, ‘You are free.’ Last night they told four others. They told me that my furlough was approved, but […]

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