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Mostafa Abdi Released from Evin Prison

Today in the morning 26th of Azar 1394 (December, 17, 2015), Mostafa Abdi, an activist of rights of Gonabadi dervishes, after three years in jail with termination of his conviction was released from Evin prison.The News Website of Gonabadi Dervishes, Majzooban Noor, added that Mostafa Abdi finished three-year prison sentence while during his time in prison, many political and judicial deprivations repeatedly imposed on his case. For example the aforementioned dervish had been transferred from […]

Kasra Nouri Released, Conviction Terminated

  Yesterday in the evening (October, 27, 2015), Kasra Nouri, an activist of Rights of Gonabadi dervishes, after four years in jail with termination of his conviction was released from the prison. According to Majzooban Noor, this Gonabadi dervish in his four-year term in prison, more than 100 days had gone on hunger strike in protest to the situation of other imprisoned dervishes. And also several times political and judicial deprivationswere applied on him, say, […]

Kasra Nouri Transferred to General Ward

  Majzooban Noor, the Website of Gonabadi Dervishes in Iran, here released a report that Kasra Nouri, one of the imprisoned dervishes, since Wednesday October 7, 2015 without prior notice and against the law has been transferred to Evin from Shiraz’s Nezam prison, afterwards; four days was kept in the quarantine, eventually; yesterday morning was moved to general ward 8.This report adds that according to the verdict issued by the Revolutionary Court of Shiraz, the […]

Reza Entesari Released from Evin Prison after his Sentence Ended

Reza Entesari, a rights activist of Gonabadi Dervishes, has been released from the Evin prison after serving his four-year term jail.The Website of Majzooban Noor went further that the four- year prison has been ended while during this period the aforementioned dervish was transferred two times to the detentions of the Ministry of Information and also had spent more than 100 days in the solitary confinement.Mr. Entesari had been also illegally moved to Rajaei Shahr […]

Reza Entesari’s Heart Attack; Prison Officials Refuse to Send Him to Hospital

  Reza Entesari, imprisoned Gonabadi Dervish, last Wednesday midnight, was transferred to infirmary of ward 8 of Evin prison because of an heart attack. But due to the absence of a physician in prison infirmary, he was not examined and even electrocardiographic monitoring (ECG) has not been possible due to lack of facilities there. Although he has heart palpitations with severe chest pain, but, the nurse at the clinic, announced that in his shifts no […]

Prisoners protest inspection of Evin cells at odd hours

  An unusual prison inspection was carried out Wednesday night in wards 7 and 8 of Evin Prison in Tehran by the facility’s Special Guards. The inspections persisted through the night and continued until the morning of Thursday July 16. The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) reports that at around midnight, the guards evacuated the cells and began inspecting them until past one o’clock in the morning. The report adds that Reza Entesari, a […]

Ward 8 of Evin Prison under New Inspections

  Prisoners of ward 8 of Evin jail were inspected last night.According to Majzooban Noor, last night Protection Unit Police of Evin prison, in the presence of a number of authorities inspected ward 8 of this prison in which a number of political prisoners and also prisoners of conscience are being held.This report goes on, in this inspection the number of beds of political prisoners as well as their belongings were searched and inspected in […]

Mohammadreza Afshar Arrested and Transferred to Evin Prison

  Mohammadreza Afshar, a supporter and trainer of the “Course of Erfan Halgheh”, was arrested and sent to Evin prison. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Mr. Mohammadreza Afshar, who had been summoned by a phone call to give some explanation to the court in Evin, was arrested and sent to Evin prison, when he attended the court on Monday 29th June. Mohammadreza Afshar had been sentenced to […]

The Latest List of the Political Prisoners in Women’s Section of Evin Prison

  The following list includes the political prisoners of women’s section of Evin Prison in Tehran. These prisoners have been sentenced in total to more than 190 years of imprisonment. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), there are 22 women in this section, 15 of whom are political and civil activists, 6 are from religious minorities and 1 of them is imprisoned on charge of espionage. A. Political and Civil […]

Reza Entesari Prevented by Prison Authorities for Emergency Transfer to Hospital

  Despite the opinion of the head of infirmary of the ward 8 of Evin prison for the need to emergency dispatch of the jailed Gonabadi dervish, Reza Entesari to hospital, prison authorities refused his transfer.Noon yesterday, following the transfer of the mentioned dervish to the infirmary of ward 8, the chief of the infirmary announced that his hypertension and drug-resistance is on the rise, and described as a hazardous condition for this patient, subsequently, […]

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