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“Majzooban Noor Website Releases a Statement” In Protest to Current Behaviors toward Salehedin Moradi, a Right Activist of Gonabadi Dervishes

HOU121 At the time of parade and domination of ignorance, rigor and captivity of freedom and justice, when the ugly demon, violence and extremism threaten the fate and community life, anyway but some day will come and the spider webs of this evil will be unleashed and destroyed via the insight of conscience and awareness […]

With Trust and Faith in God We tolerate these Difficult Days. “The Wife of Salehedin Moradi Says”

  Family of the political prisoners entered the New Year while the tolerance of the government in imparting these prisoners to have the right of leave was very minuscule in comparison with the previous years. Only a handful of political prisoners, including Ahmad Zeidabadi, Behzad Arabgul, and Maryam Shafeipour came to leave. This is while […]

“Salehedin Moradi Refused bail due to the illegal arrest and alleged charges”, the lawyer of this rights activist says

  The lawyer of Salehedin Moradi who yesterday after the refusal to put up bail, pay bond, had been transferred to the prison of Adel Abad of Shiraz, announced that the reason that his client refused to put up bail was that he believed that the process of his arrest and alleged charges were all […]

Dervish’s Letter to Prosecutor and Special Clerical Court

  After passing three years and following the lack of investigation of Dervishes’s complaints against 4 clerics, the principal offenders of Kavar event, Gonabadi Dervish, Saleh Moradi in a new letter to the officials of the Special Court for Clerics calls for urgent action and judicial consideration in this case.According to Majzooban Noor, Gonabadi Dervish […]

An Interview from Majzooban Noor with Salehedin Moradi, one of the plaintiffs of the Kavar Incident.“Their defenses were full of disrespects and insults to people and the current leader Friday prayer in that time”.

  One dead and three injured, more than a hundred years of exile and banishment, imprisonment, and an increase of life and job insecurity are just some of the consequences of the senseless act that four young clergymen have imposed on Gonabadi Dervishes in Fars province. Of course, the senseless movement from the old hand […]