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Six Dervishes Were Tried on Charges of “Moharebeh” and “Carrying Illegal Weapon”






Six Gonabadi dervishes resident of Kavar town was tried in Branch 2 of Shiraz’s Revolutionary Court on charges of “Moharebeh” (fighting against God) and “carrying illegal weapon”.

According to reports by Majzooban Noor, on Thursday 12nd of Bahman 1391 ( Jan 31, 2013 ) the trail of Gonabad dervishes Messrs.Kazem Dehghan, Hamid Reza Arayesh, Mohammad Ali Shamshirzan, Omid Ali Akbari, Gholam Ali bairami and Mehrdad Keshavarz residents of Kavar town in Fars province, presided over by Judge Yazdani, was held in Branch 2 of Shiraz’s Revolutionary Court.

Messrs. Kazem Dehghan, Hamid Reza Arayesh and Mohammad Ali Shamshirzan were investigated over accusations of ” fighting against God” and “carrying illegal weapon”. Also Messrs. Omid Ali Akbari, Gholam Ali bairami and Mehrdad Keshavarz investigated over accusation of “carrying illegal weapon”.

They defended themselves against these ambiguous charges with the presence of their lawyers, Messrs. Nazari and Sadeghi.

It must be noted that, in this hearing, cleric Shahbazi and cleric Masoudi were apeared in court on behalf of Plaintiffs.

It should be reminded that, in Shahrivar 04, 1390 (August 26, 2011) cleric Shahbazi, delivered CD against Sufism, called on citizens to demonstrate against dervishes.

During these altercations, tens of dervishes were arrested and injured and one dervish called ” Vahid Banani” was killed by excessive bleeding from a gunshot wound and many file cases opened against Gonabadi dervishes in court.