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Ali Moezzi is sentenced to 1 year of prison in exile

  Ali Moezzi, the political prisoner is sentenced to 1 year of prison in exile in Kachuyi prison of Karaj, he has 3 years of suspended prison so he will be in prison for 4 years. According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the political prisoner of section 350 of Evin prison who was refusing to go to the courts of judge Salavti, has been sentenced to 1 year of prison […]

Three Gonabadi Dervishes Arrested in Kavar

  Three Gonabadi Dervishes, residents of Kavar county in Fars province arrested at their homes this afternoon 10 Ordibehesht 1392 (April 30, 2013).According to Majzooban Noor, today twenty security agents and Plain-clothes entered the homes of Messrs. Mohammad Ali Sadeghi, Mohammad Ali Dehghan and Mohsen Esmaeeli and arrested them without a warrant and then the Dervishes were transferred to an unknown location by security forces who were using violence and intimidation against them. Since Shahrivar […]

In Memory of His Eminence Hajj Shaykh Muhammad Hasan Saleh Ali Shah

  Secound day of Esfand 1391 corresponding to 9th of Rabi’ath-thani 1434 is the 46th death anniversary of His Gracious Holiness, the pillar (qutb) of the Gnostics and the trusted Master, Mr. Hajj Shaykh Muhammad Hasan Saleh ‘Ali Shah (may his grave be sanctified), the vicegerent (khalifa) and son of His Holiness Nour ‘Ali Shah the Second, son of His Holiness Sultan ‘Ali Shah the Martyr (may their graves be fragrant), who was born on […]

In Memory of His Holiness Sultan Ali Shah Gonabadi

    19th of Bahman 1391 corresponding to 26th of Rabi-ul-awal 1434 is the 104th death anniversary of His Holiness Hajj Sultan Muhammad Gonabadi “Sultan Ali Shah”. One of the most famous saints in the history of Sufism was Sayyid Shah Ni’matullah Wali (A.H. 731-831/1338-1428 C.E.), and all Shi’ia orders of Sufism trace their ancestry to the his Order, which has subsequently become known as the Ni’matullahi Order. The uninterrupted record of the chain of […]

In Memory of His Holiness Nour Ali Shah the Second

    His noble name was Ali and spiritual title (Nour Ali Shah), son of His Holiness Sultan Ali Shah, born in Baydukht; his illustrious birth date was on the 17th Rabi- a-thani 1284 AHL. His mother was the daughter of the late Hajj Mulla Ali Baydukhti who, father after father were famous for their knowledge and its practice and known for their devotion and piety. After sometime, His Holiness on the orders of his […]

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