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Gonabadi Dervishes, Hamid Reza Moradi And Mostafa Daneshjou Transferred To Hospital



Yesterday,Messrs.Hamid Reza Moradi and Mostafa Daneshjou, lawyer and administrators of Majzooban Noor website were taken to hospital.

According to Majzooban reporter, Mr. Hamid Moradi who has been confined more than one year in Tehran’s Evin Prison was taken to hospital for the third time yesterday morning on 8th Mehr 1391(Sept 29 2012) but due to lack of coordination with the hospital, without undergoing any medical examination and treatment, he was returned to Evin prison after a few hours.

It should be noted that, Mr.Hamid Moradi is suffering from heart problems and clogging of arteries which is worrisome (70% blockage of blood vessels) so that even walking and standing is very difficult and painful for him and he has to use a walking stick now.

This Gonabadi dervish about his treatment process said: “If this condition continues, to protest against this such action, I prefer not to be treated”, while his family and physicians express concerns over his health situation.

Also, Gonabadi dervishes’s lawyer, Mr.Mostafa Daneshjou was transferred to hospital emergency because of his severe respiratory disease and asthma.

It is almost two years that he is confined in “Sarry” and “Tehran’s Evin prison”and he has been taken to hospital several times becouse of his respiratory problems (asthma)but unfortunately his respiratory disease got worse and due to his critical physical condition, doctor after the initial tests, immediately ordered him to be hospitalized yesterday.