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Salehedin Moradi Transferred to Adel Abad Prison from Court




Salehedin Moradi, the rights activist of Gonabadi dervishes, who under the security forces had been sent to the court of Kavar from the lockup No. 100, has been transferred to the prison of Adel Abad in Shiraz city due to the refusal to put up bail.
Majzooban Noor by releasing a report added that this Gonabadi dervish approximately, twenty days ago had been arrested on the pretext of execution of the sentence of two years in exile and thirty lashes issued by the court, but despite the untrue statements of the security forces was detained and over twenty days also interrogated at the lockup of Information Center of Shiraz so-called No. 100.
The security forces, eventually, announced that this Gonabadi dervish by putting up bail, pay bond, would be free during the Nuwruz Festival (Eid e Norouz), but the mentioned dervish refused bail, afterward, he has been transferred to Adel Abad prison.
Earlier, the wife of this imprisoned dervish in an interview with Majzooban Noor had informed that a new case was going to open for her husband and had added that she was unaware of the context of the case and the reasons of his detention as well.
It should be mentioned that Salehdin Moradi who has been transferred to the prison; meanwhile, the sentence of two years exile issued by the court of Kavar has come into force also, and another sentence issued against him has been sent to the Court of Appeal.
This is the third case in connection with the sedition and conspiracy of religious extremists against Gonabadi Dervishes which has been formed against this rights activist of Gonabadi dervishes.
Mr. Moradi in the first period of his detention without trial in prison of Adel Abad, along with Kasra Noori, another imprisoned dervish, made a complaint against four Mullahs (clergymen) known as the main instigators of the incident of Kavar in year 1390 ( 2011), the complaint which has been certainly followed by many physical and mental threats.