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Extraordinary bail gets ill blogger released from jail

  Jailed activist and blogger Hossein Ronaghi Maleki was temporarily released on the exorbitant bail of 1.4 billion toumans after repeated requests for his release due to health complications. The Kaleme website reports that leave is granted for only eight days despite the serious nature of Ronaghi Maleki’s health problems involving his stomach, kidney and heart. The release was based on an earlier report from the coroner’s office, which took some time to be approved […]

Iran’s New Search Engine Denies Access to Political or Human Rights Content on Internet

  A new Internet search engine developed by the Iranian government, Parsijoo, has been designed to keep Iranian users from accessing any political or human rights-related content. According to research conducted by the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran, the new engine’s display of search results does not follow the norms of other engines used worldwide such as Google or Yahoo, which display and prioritize results according to the number of views, technical aspects […]

Open Letter to the adviser of President Hassan Rouhani on political and security affairs in matters

  An open letter by the “International Organisation To Preserve Human Rights in Iran” addressed to Hojatoleslam Ali Younesi, the adviser of President Hassan Rouhani on political and security affairs in matters relating to ethnic and religious in Iran. Dear Hojatoleslam Ali Younesi, As you are aware, it has been a while since the repression pressures by the extremist movement against the students of the school of Nematollahi Gonabadi Sufi Order, who are the true […]

Activists say “political kidnapping” hurts young women

  A group of political-social activists in Shiraz has called for the release of Jamila Karimi, a women’s rights activist and member of the Reformist Coalition Council of Fars, two months after her arrest. In a statement, the activists stress that Karimi’s arrest so close to the election can only be seen as “political kidnapping” and an attempt to control the political atmosphere in favour of a particular group. They go on to condemn the […]

Imprisoned Political Prisoner Hossein Ronaghi Maleki In Deteriorating Health

  Political Prisoner Hossein Ronaghi Maleki, now incarcerated in Evin Ward 350, is facing deteriorating health due to confiscation of his medication by prison officials. Human rights activist Hossein Ronaghi Maleki reported back to Evin prison on Tuesday, May 21, 2013, following the denial of his medical furlough extension due to the upcoming presidential elections. Due to negligence by prison officials and Evin’s medical clinic, Ronaghi has not yet been able to access his needed […]

Political Activists Arrested In Lahijan Ahead Of The Presidential Election

  As the presidential election nears, a number of political activists have been summoned, homes of some activists searched and a number of activists who were planing to open a campaign office for Hashemi Rafsanjani have been arrested. Among the arrested are, Hamid Hadisi, Ebrahim Khoshsirat, Mourice Bagheri, and Mr. Jafari the chair of the Participation Front in Lahijan. Since their arrest six days ago, the detainees have had one short phone call to their […]

KELLNER: Religious persecution can mean political upheaval

  Rising persecution of minority religious communities in Pakistan, Iran and Syria — and other nations — is a serious threat to stability in those countries and their neighbors, a panel of specialists said at a Hudson Institute forum this week, showing how religious tensions can have larger political ramifications in hot spots around the world. Sunni Muslims, for example, may use “Syria” as a rallying cry to recruit volunteers for al Qaeda and other […]

This week in human rights in Iran- May 10, 2013

  JOURNALIST AND ACTIVIST VIOLATIONSBeing sent to solitary confinement then released after a hunger strike has become common practice for prisoners in Iran. This can be seen as a success for prisoners and human right activists who forced the Iranian government to meet their demands. It can also be seen as an attempt by the government to use this trend as another form of punishment. The government can use confinement as a means to instigate […]

Prisoners moved from solitary, end hunger strike

  The 10 Iranian political prisoners who were moved to solitary confinement and began a hunger strike to protest that move, have ended their strike after being returned to the general ward of the prison. The Kaleme website reported on Wednesday May 8 that the prisoners are now in the general ward of the prison and have ended their hunger strike after two days. The prisoners were moved to solitary for protesting against the poor […]

Solidarity in France with the political prisoners in Iran

    On Saturday May 4, in France, a group of Iranian human rights supporters of the International Organization to Preserve Human Rights in Iran expressed their solidarity with all the political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in Iran. They played daf together and demanded the unconditional and immediate release of Nasrin Sotoudeh and the imprisoned dervishes. IOPHRI

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