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Activists say “political kidnapping” hurts young women

jamila karimi


A group of political-social activists in Shiraz has called for the release of Jamila Karimi, a women’s rights activist and member of the Reformist Coalition Council of Fars, two months after her arrest.

In a statement, the activists stress that Karimi’s arrest so close to the election can only be seen as “political kidnapping” and an attempt to control the political atmosphere in favour of a particular group.

They go on to condemn the arrest as a violation of human rights and the violation of the rights of citizens who, despite all the threats and restrictions, regard participation in the election scene as their absolute right.

The activists say Karimi’s arrest has “irreparable effects on the trust and confidence of the young generation of women that are familiar with her extensive cultural activities in the city.”

Security forces arrested Karimi in April in Shiraz.

Radio Zamaneh