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Prisoners moved from solitary, end hunger strike

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The 10 Iranian political prisoners who were moved to solitary confinement and began a hunger strike to protest that move, have ended their strike after being returned to the general ward of the prison.

The Kaleme website reported on Wednesday May 8 that the prisoners are now in the general ward of the prison and have ended their hunger strike after two days.

The prisoners were moved to solitary for protesting against the poor nutrition and high prices of food in the prison store. They were also denied visits from their families.

Thirty-five other political prisoners expressed their solidarity with their inmates by refusing to attend their own weekly visits with family.

The Iranian Nobel peace laureate has written to the United Nations to draw attention to the dismal conditions in Iranian prisons, which include a lack of hygienic facilities and the continued mistreatment of prisoners by prison personnel.

Radio Zamaneh