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Migration of Dervishes from Iran to Jail from Perspective of Power



When Majzooban Noor in its first note detailed about the reasons of invitation of Gonabadi Dervishes to join to the migration campaign from Iran to Evin, afterward, three significant questions have been raised, then, in response to these questions, the mentioned Website outlined the motives for adopting this decision. In the second note coming in the following, perspective and approach of governance and also their likely reactions to this wavehave been studied.
As it went in the first note, the motive to establish a migration campaign from Iran to Evin, and inviting dervishes to accompany this move, is to removal of discrimination, exclusion and respect for the law and its implementation. But the question would be what will be the reaction of the governance and hardliners who during these years have created lots of barriers, say, deprivation, prolonged detentions, and imprisonment for the Dervishes. In other words, what will be the assignments of the government in dealing with that and also what strategies the running system will adopt in confrontation with that? Legally and rationally, the government should recognize and respect such collective behaviors and support them as well. And it is the function of the government to adopt a rational stance along with openness and patience, and also implement a reasonable compromise between citizens’ demands, requirements of national security and public welfare as well. In fact, it must be an appropriate listener to the demands of citizens and strive to solve people’s problems. Because compliance with the requirements between the power of government and freedom of people will result in stability and sovereignty of the country, and also security for citizens, in particular, for Dervishes. Unquestionably, dialogue and interaction do not overshadow the dignity and popularity of cultivated people of a government, and accepting the mistakes and try to fix them is not postulated as a failure and retreat of the respective government. If the government and officials are in contemplation to keep up the principle of regime, they should remove the profound ditch springing from mismanagement and notions of hardliners, and then alter it to a mutual and positive trust between people and government.
In the second approach, contrary to what was said, lack of the right of citizens, will definitely lead to confusion and instability because misusing the power in direction of their interests will lead to an absolute tyranny. In this approach, the government by adopting military measures and creating security atmosphere will definitely impose political and social devastating effects in the bed of the society.
If the rulers and government in order to resolve the events use force and coercion, should know those who are entitled to be suppressed are extremists and extremism, not those citizens who live peacefully and their minds are only engaged in brotherhood, equality, peace and love. If the respective government, wrongly target the owners of rightful and true thoughts, not only starts to oppress its citizens, but puts forward the regime in the tyranny and provides the bed of violence and severe tendency toward it. A glance at incidents happening in the frontier areas is a clear example to figure out the trends in the Middle East Extremist groups is like claws of a vulture on the body of Iran gloomy deer which is the result of the same dogmatic perspectives of the Shiite extremism which was founded eight years ago.
Vividly, the government can invoke the law as a principle and keep open-mindedness in its affairs. But it should not be synonymous with deception. The government is not allowed to play and mock the right of people like a ball in official entities. And throw the ball of justice and fairness and also implementation of law into places controlled by unjust and undeserved officials. And if so, that unjust and unrighteous judge misuses his position and misrepresents wrongly, and support those extremists who bully and make tension for the current officials, for instance, disturbing the lecture session of the advisor of the president. These extremists who unfortunately entered the judiciary and see themselves as the absolute owners of there, if they cover their illegal acts, such as; bigotry, egoism, the name of law, so, it will not be so far to see the writers and readers in jails beside each other. How bitter that day,when a friend should see his fellow in the jail!!!
And what a tragic irony it would be that the main readers of this article who are analyzers of the security and governmental entities, with the trend of shrinking of the circle of freedom and also growth of extremism, they will fall into the same prisons where our brothers and friends are kept.
The one who over thirty years ago climbed up the spy nest in order to bring and save freedom from the tyranny, in fact, he did not know the behind the wall that he was trying to go up, would be inside the jail. Said that “when a tie is untied with the hand, no need to open with the tooth”.