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Three Gonabadi Dervishes Transferred to Exile Sites after Three Days of Illegal Detention in Department of Intelligence



The three Gonabadi Dervishes sentenced to exile who had been arrested at the entrance of police station of city Kavar last week, after three days of illegal detention in the Department of Intelligence of Shiraz so-called No. 100 have been sent to their exile sites.
Majzooban Noor goes on that Kazem Dehghan, Hamidreza Arayesh and Mohammadali Dehghan, after being arrested by the forces of police station of Kavar, for unknown reason and without judicial warrant, and then had been unlawfully transferred to the prison of department of intelligence, after three days of detention in one of the temporary detention centers of the security institutions that still no news and information has been released on how they were dealt with, with security forces have been introduced to the police stations of their exile sites.
Among these three dervishes, Mr. Kazem Dehghan and Mr. Hamid Arayesh have been sentenced to lifelong exile to cities of Zahedan and Ahvaz and Mr. Mohammadali Dehghan for 7 years to city Zabul, respectively.
So, the sentences of seven dervishes who had been condemned to enmity with God (Moharebeh) came into force.
After the incident of Kavar based on the concrete and solid documents ignited by the religious extremists, led by four young clergymen (mullah), many of Gonabadi Dervishes whose defenses and voices have never been heard by the judicial and security officials, have been sentenced to many years in prison, exclusion from job, and seven of them have been sentenced to exile.