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Saleh Moradi Was Summoned to Court for Lashing Sentence and Two Years in Exile

  Gonabadi Dervish rights activists, Salehedin Moradi was summoned by Kavar’s General Court to serve two years in exile and 30 lashes.According to Majzooban Noor, Mr. Moradi has been sentenced in Kavar’s General Court on charges of “inciting public opinion” and “disturbing the public order”.In addition to his case in Kavar’s General Court, he still […]

Court prevents lawyer from accessing files of five Sunni prisoners

  Branch 28 of the Revolutionary court in Tehran has prevented a lawyer from accessing the files of five Sunni prisoners sentenced to death in Iran, under the pretext that the cases are ‘secret and confidential’. According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the families of the prisoners had tried to […]

The Main Cause of Conflicts Against the Dervishes in Kavar Town Was Summoned to the Court

  Tuesday morning on 29 Mordad 1392 (Agu 20, 2013), the hearing for clergy Shahbazi, the main cause of conflicts against the dervishes in Kavar town was held in the Branch 1 of the Special Courts of the Clergy in Kavar after nearly two years of the illegal rally against Gonabadi Dervishes in Kavar town […]

If They Are To Be Freed They Must First Be Tried

  Revolutionary Guards Speak Out On Green Movement Leaders Even though calls for the release of Green Movement leaders Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karoubi and Zahra Rahnavard have grown since the election of Hassan Rowhani as president, the official website of the political bureau of the Revolutionary Guards force (IRGC) for the first time acknowledged the […]

Former MP Mir Taher Mousavi Receives 5 Years; 3 Years Imprisonment Plus 2 Years Suspended Sentence

  Mir Taher Mousavi, a Former MP, a university instructor, and a member of Mir Hossein Mousavi’s 2009 presidential campaign, has been sentenced to three years imprisonment plus two years suspended sentence. Mir Taher Mousavi, former governor of Karaj, former Vice President of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, former CEO of Kahrizak Hospice […]

Gonabadi Dervish, Saleh Moradi, Sentenced to One Year in Prison and One Year of Exile

  Dervish rights activist, Saleh Moradi who has been temporarily released from AdelAbad prison two days ago, sentenced to one year jail term plus one year of exile by Kavar’s General Court.According to Majzooban Noor, Gonabadi Dervish, Saleheddin Moradi Sarvestani, was sentenced to one year in prison and one year of exile on charges of […]

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