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The Main Cause of Conflicts Against the Dervishes in Kavar Town Was Summoned to the Court



Tuesday morning on 29 Mordad 1392 (Agu 20, 2013), the hearing for clergy Shahbazi, the main cause of conflicts against the dervishes in Kavar town was held in the Branch 1 of the Special Courts of the Clergy in Kavar after nearly two years of the illegal rally against Gonabadi Dervishes in Kavar town and the arrest and imprisonment of the dozens of Dervishes in country’s prisons.
In September 2011, the cleric (Alireza Shahbazi) begun a widespread propaganda against Islamic mysticism by delivering CD which is all insult to the dervishes, called on citizens to demonstrate against dervishes. then, the hardliners gathered before the houses of the Dervishes in Kavar town in Fars Province, insulting them resulted in a contention in which a Dervish (Vahid Banani) was killed by shot and several were wounded.Since then there have been a great amount of arrest and pressure on Gonabadi Dervishes during which 100 have been arrested, tortured and tried.
According to Majzooban Noor, after two years of the complaint filed by Gonabadi Dervishes from cleric Shahbazi the main cause of Kavar conflicts, the Hearing was held with the presence of plaintiffs and defendants.

It should be noted that the hearing was held on Tuesday just in order to complete investigation and collect evidence and cleric Shahbazi’s case will be referred to a Court in the city of Qom soon.
It is important to say that, Mr.Shahbazi did not attend the session but his defenses were offered to the judge. Also, Messrs. Saleh Moradi and Kasra Nouri (Gonabadi Dervish rights activists) and Mr. Gholam-Reza Shirzadi (University professor) had appeared in the hearing as plaintiff.
cleric Alireza Shahbazi is accused of “Publishing lies for disturbing public opinion”, “inciting people to protest and conflict,” “propaganda against the Nematollahi Gonabadi Masters” during Kavar event in Shahrivar 1390 (September 2011).
The responsible judge, Mr. Amir-Abadi, after reviewing the charges, due to Shahbazi’s absence at the hearing, postponed the proceedings to the next hearing.

After nearly two years of the illegal rally against Gonabadi Dervishes in Kavar town and the arrest and imprisonment of the dozens of Dervishes in country’s prisons, summons of Dervishes to security centers continue.

Since Shahrivar 1390 (September 2011) following the attacks by Basiji and plain-clothes on Gonabadi Dervishes in Kavar town in Fars Province which resulted the death of one Dervish called ” Vahid Banani” who was killed by a gun-shut in police checkpoint and so many file cases opened against Gonabadi Dervishes in court, and despite repeated Dervishes complaints to Judiciary systems, up to now no deal had been done yet to the principal offender of Kavar event. But the pressures on Gonabadi Dervishes increased, so on, during this period more than 30 cases opened against Dervishes, more than 100 Gonabadi Dervishes in the city of Kavar, arrested, beaten, and without receiving written summons have been tried.