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Crackdown on journalist and activists jeopardize human rights in Iran, UN expert warns

    The arbitrary and unlawful arrest and prosecution of journalists and activists in Iran weakens the protection of human rights of all in Iran, a United Nations expert said today. “Silencing these critical voices is unacceptable – it undermines public debate and deprives Iranians and the rest of world of important information on the […]

Extension of medical furlough denied for Bahareh Hedayat despite kidney stone surgery

  Bahareh Hedayat was summoned back to prison by the prosecutor’s office despite her need for aftercare after undergoing kidney stone surgery. According to Kaleme, political prisoner Bahareh Hedayat was finally granted medical furlough for surgery last week but was summoned back behind bars by the prosecutor’s office despite presenting medical documents stating her need […]

Reza Shahabi in worrisome health continues hunger strike after 40 days

   Labor activist Reza Shahabi held in Rajai Shahr prison has lost 15 kilograms and lost consciousness several times in the past days while he continues his hunger strike that has now exceeded 40 days. CHRR reports that according to the Committee to Defend Reza Shahabi, the labor activist has severe fluctuations in his blood […]

EU diplomat’s meeting with Iranian activists stirs controversy

  Tehran Member of Parliament Mehdi Kochakzadeh has taken shots at the Ministry of Intelligence and the Foreign Ministry for allowing EU diplomat Catherine Ashton to meet with “elements guilty of sedition.” On Wednesday March 12, Kochakzadeh described Ashton’s actions as worse than the policy of capitulation and insisted that Europeans have no right to […]

Hossein Ronaghi’s message of condolences to Peyman Arefi

  My honorable and suffering friend Peyman, A prisoner knows well the meaning of being imprisoned, understands the agony of loss and separation. The tragic incident that resulted in the death of your mother and wife was an “accident”, but did not happen “accidently.” I believe this devastating event was the tragic end result of […]

Human Rights Day: UN pays tribute to activists, landmark Vienna Declaration

  10 December 2013 – Honouring human rights activism, including the legacy of Nelson Mandela, senior UN officials today mark Human Rights Day calling for greater political will and resources to implement laws and standards designed to promote and protect the rights and dignity of all people everywhere. “Promoting human rights is one of the […]

Activists say “political kidnapping” hurts young women

  A group of political-social activists in Shiraz has called for the release of Jamila Karimi, a women’s rights activist and member of the Reformist Coalition Council of Fars, two months after her arrest. In a statement, the activists stress that Karimi’s arrest so close to the election can only be seen as “political kidnapping” […]

Iranian Activists Welcome U.S. Lifting Of Sanctions On Communications Tools

  The lifting of U.S. sanctions on the export to Iran of communication tools has been welcomed by activists and groups who had pushed for such a move and argued that the sanctions end up hurting ordinary Iranians, not the regime. On May 30, the U.S. Treasury and the State Department said they were removing […]

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